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Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Will Buy The Forum For 400 Million

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By Mario Perez

For a lot of LA residents, The Forum was the go-to place in town for large indoor sporting and entertainment events from the 1960s to the late 90s. After that period in time though, the Staples Center was built and this seemingly relegated the arena to sort of a second class venue. The major events were to be held at the Staples Center from that point forward.

That could soon change as the owner of L.A. Clippers has announced that he plans to buy The Forum, from The Madison Square Garden Company.

This Move Has Been In The Making For A While


It was no secret that LA Clippers owner Steve Balmer wanted to build a new arena for his team so that they would not have to compete with the Los Angeles Lakers in their own building.

Things were not as cut and dry though, as when Balmer was seeking a grant to buy land to be able to build a new arena. The Madison Square Garden Company was not happy with Ballmer wanting to build a new arena blocks away from The Forum and took legal action to prevent this. In the end, Ballmer just decided to buy the place and avoid more troubles!

What This Means For The Clippers

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The logical course of action would be to move the Clippers' home games from Staples Center to The Forum as soon as possible. After all, Ballmer is buying the place under the Clippers' name. The main issue right now is that the Clippers can't just pick their stuff up and move to Inglewood to begin to play there.

The team actually has a contract with the Staples Center to play there until 2024. There are seemingly two options here. Either the team buy themselves out of that contract and move to Inglewood or option 2.

Buy It To Tear It Down

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One of the things that are being speculated is that Ballmer's intentions are to completely tear down the building and build a new facility for his team. Which, is what he basically wanted to do in the first place.

Another option would be to have the team play at the Staples Center while the arena is remodeled to accommodate them in a couple of years. This second option does not make as much sense though since there has already been a relatively recent remodeling of the place.

What is Going To Happen To Upcoming Events?

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This was actually a perfect time for Ballmer to pull the trigger on the purchase. As there are no events taking place at the venue because of the well-known COVID-19 quarantine measures. Naturally, the events that have a contract with the arena are going to have to be rescheduled anyway.

Since it is unclear though what Ballmer is looking to do with the place anything can happen. Including not seeing regular action return to the Forum ever again. Making this historic building get a very quiet ending. Obviously that is hopefully not what will happen!

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