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Britney Spears

Britney Spears Labeled 'Comrade' After Sharing a Quote About Wealth Redistribution

Gettyimages | Ethan Miller
By Nicholas Vrchoticky

A lot of things about the world today might make you think we're living in some weird, Twilight Zone alternate reality. We have a reality TV star running the United States, the stock market keeps dipping hard, there's a global pandemic sweeping the world with COVID-19, and global weirding is showing signs of potential demise. But, that's not all that's weird.

On March 24, Twitter users have labeled Britney Spears "Comrade Britney" following Spears sharing a quote about redistribution of wealth and striking on her Instagram.

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The quote

Britney Spears
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The quote was first shared by writer Mimi Zhu. Here's what it said:

"During this time of isolation, we need connection now more than ever. Call you loved ones, write virtual love letters. Technologies like virtual communication, streaming and broadcasting are part of our community collaboration. We will learn to kiss and hold each other through the waves of the web. We will feed each other, redistribute wealth, strike. We will understand our own importance from the places we must stay. Communion moves beyond walls. We can still be together."

It was captioned with three roses and the words "Communion goes beyond walls."

The rise of 'Comrade' Britney


Following the post, Twitter users got fired up and made "Comrade Britney" a reality. Within a day, it was a trending topic.

One user called for "Comrade Britney for President!"

Another user said:

"Britney Spears is one of the coolest and most human celebrities of her age group because in spite of having struggled in the public eye several times she's managed to come out of it a more publicly well-adjusted and compassionate person than the rest of them. Comrade Britney"

And, just like that, Britney Spears became a social media symbol of communal wellbeing and resistance.

Britney shares an heart-warming message

Britney Spears
Wikimedia |

On the same day, March 24, that "Comrade Britney" started trending, Spears took to Instagram once again, sharing a heart-warming message. The message is alongside a photo of herself and says:

"Today we should reflect on the positive things in life !!!! So many of us get stir crazy about what’s going on and although I don’t have all the answers .…. I do know how to try to stay strong and positive and show courage [emojis] !!!!! Keep your heads up my friends !!!!!"

Other celebrities speaking out during this crisis

Danny DeVito
Gettyimages | Karwai Tang

Spears is only one of many celebrities to speak out during the coronavirus crisis. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently asked celebrities to come forward and use their influence to help guide people during this trying time. He's been consistently sharing videos of celebrities promoting proper social distancing and preventative health practices.

So far, the list of celebrities speaking out is quite long. It includes actors such as Danny DeVito, Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, and Ryan Reynolds. Where many of these celebrities are talking about stopping the spread of the virus, it seems Spears' message also touches on changing the world so a crisis like this is easier to prevent in the future.

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