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Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Says Celebrities Aren't Nearly as Important as Essential Workers

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By Nicholas Vrchoticky

During the trying times of social isolation that we're all feeling as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, celebrities have been taking to social media to give advice, push for social distancing, and make us all feel a little bit more comfortable.

Some are going the route of simply entertaining us. Others seem to be pushing pandemic-themed vanity projects. And, still others, like Ryan Reynolds, are trying to remind us that celebrities are some of the least important people in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

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Reynolds takes to Twitter

Ryan Reynolds
Gettyimages | Steven Ferdman

Following the wave of posts by celebrities participating in grandstanding during the pandemic, such as the ones involved in the collective cover of John Lennon's "Imagine", Reynolds took to Twitter to set some points straight on who's actually important during this pandemic.

He promotes working together in his video while speaking to his Twitter followers, saying:

"We need to work to flatten the curve and fight off COVID-19. I think in times of crisis, I think we all know that it’s the celebrities we count on most. They’re the ones that are going to get us through this."

A clever twist


Reynolds quickly turns the tables and explains that celebrities aren't actually the ones that are out doing the work right now and that the most important people during this pandemic are the essential employees who are keeping society running and working in health care.

Reynolds continues after a pause for comedic effect, saying:

"Right after healthcare workers, of course. First responders. People who work in essential services. Ping pong players. Mannequins, they’re great. Childhood imaginary friends, sure. Like 400 other types of people."

Done with laughs

Ryan Reynolds
Wikimedia |

The comedy doesn't last though. After all, this is a serious situation and Reynolds, not that you'd expect it, gets serious with his followers about what we can do to keep this virus from spreading.

The Deadpool actor says:

"Look, stay at home, practice social-distancing, wash your hands. We are gonna get through this thing. We’re gonna get through this thing together."

He's not the only one getting serious either. Sure, Reynolds is trolling celebs who are using the pandemic to socially profit off their fanbase and increase their popularity. But, some celebrities are taking this as serious as Reynolds is.

Other celebrity messages

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer

Arnold Schwarzenegger also took to social media to remind people who the heroes of this tense time are, saying in a video:

"Thank you to our heroes. Remember to thank the heroes who are serving so selflessly right now – from doctors & nurses to grocery store staff and delivery people. I play an action hero in the movies – they are the real action heroes."

Other celebrities such as Neil Diamond and Robert De Niro have also had some serious messages.

We can expect more celebrities to promote good practices during this time due to their large social reach. Here's a big thank you to all the celebs using their influence for good during this pandemic. Thank you.

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