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'Bringing Up Bates': Trace Discusses the End of Relationship with Chaney

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By A. Elise

While the Bates family was long associated with the Duggars, the extremely large family now has its own television show (with less controversy). The eighth child of Gil and Kelly Jo, Trace, was in a relationship with Chaney Grace since at least May 2019.

In February 2020, Trace announced on social media that he and Chaney had ended their relationship. While many followers suspected that the couple would wed sometime this year, it looks as if that will not be happening.

Trace Bates riding a horse
tracewbates | Instagram

On Instagram, Trace posted, "After many hours of talking and visits, Chaney felt like we were not meant to continue our relationship." Trace goes on to discuss how much the two have grown in their relationship. He also goes on to describe her as a "special" person. Based on the caption, it would seem that Chaney made the final call to end their young romance.

While the couple may not be together any longer, Trace also wrote that the new season of Bringing Up Bates will include scenes from when they were still in a relationship.

Trace Bates
tracewbates | Instagram

Responses to Trace's Instagram post were largely supportive and positive. One Instagram user said, "So sorry about the situation but I know God has something great for you in the future." Many of Trace's followers also discussed enjoying their relationship on Bringing Up Bates.

Additionally, Josiah and Lauren Duggar 'liked' his post. This is notable because Josiah was in a failed courtship before marrying Lauren. His first courtship was also publicly announced on TLC, just as Trace's courtship was shown on his family's television show.

Trace and Chaney
tracewbates | Instagram

The public first got to see Chaney at the wedding of Trace's sister, Carlin, in May of 2019. Apparently, the two met at a ski resort when their respective families met. Romance has been in the works ever since.

Chaney seemingly spent Thanksgiving with the Bates family, and Trace introduced her to the public as his girlfriend. This means that the couple was pretty serious before the eventually decided to split. The specific reasons for their split have not been made public at this time.

Trace Bates
tracewbates | Instagram

Chaney has not publicly spoken about the couple's relationship or why she chose to end things, but followers certainly have a lot of speculation.

Followers have their own ideas about other Bates family relationships as well. For example, there have been quite a few rumors lately that Jana Duggar could be courting long-time friend Lawson Bates. Though Lawson is younger than her, the two are among the oldest in their families still living at home. Could another announcement be in the works?

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