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Camila Cabello & Shawn Mendez

Camila Cabello Makes Out With Shirtless Shawn Mendes While Self-Isolating

Gettyimages | David Crotty
By Jacob Highley

Boy things have certainly changed for this pair, haven't they? I remember back in 2015 when they were just friends working on music videos together, now rumors are flying about them potentially announcing an engagement.

While things have been quite tense around the world due to this virus, that hasn't changed the passion between Camila and Shawn one bit. While in quarantine together, they were spotted having a romantic coffee break in Miami.

Not hard to see how things went from coffee to make out session. Check out Shawn's bod dude.

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"Senorita" Became A Film

people watching movie
Gettyimages | skynesher

Many people don't know this, but the hit song featuring Shawn and Camila was also a film where they both acted in romantic roles.

If you haven't been following their social media as closely, you might have missed it. Definitely check that out as it received a largely positive reception from viewers.

It is kinda fun reading about how their relationship developed. It doesn't sound like they really expected to become an item. Their interviews are cute and humorous whenever I watch them.

Camila Is Crazy For Shawn

woman in love
Unsplash | Isi Parente

Camila's interviews on shows like Capital FM have been awesome. Hearing the 'Romance' star confess her true feelings for Shawn made fans go wild!

Here are a few of the top comments that I found on the video. I especially like the first one.

"Everyone who hates on them or says their relationship is a pr stunt are probably just mad that Shawn Mendes is no longer single😂😂" - Sarah Provancha (Commenter)

"Awww I'm dying, she's sooo cute when she says "I love him a lot" 🙈🙈❤️" - paul_na .13 (Commenter)

People Went Nuts For The Senorita Music Video

crowd excited
Unsplash | Felipe Simo

I love reading people's reactions on the 'Senorita' music video. It has almost a billion views and is currently one of the most popular things people have been watching from both of them.

The radio is constantly playing this jam and it isn't hard to see why.

"4 year's and we finally know what they did last summer." - Gorbz yt (Commenter)

"I didn't like this song at first but now I can't stop listening to it lol" - Ronstat (Commenter)

Speaking of popular music videos, I just remembered the first song I saw which had both of them.

My Favorite Song By Both Of Them: "I Know What You Did Last Summer"

camila cabello and shawn mendez
Gettyimages | John Shearer

I must have listened to "I Know What You Did Last Summer" dozens of times when I first discovered it. Surprisingly, the song didn't perform as well as they hoped, yet I thought it was one of the best pop songs I'd heard in years.

Interestingly, it also marks when sparks started to fly for Shawn and Camila. Yep, the chemistry really wasn't made up. I think a lot of people expected to see them together sooner honestly. Many fans posted theories about their relationship online, and weren't disappointed when they announced that they were dating!

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