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Madonna Posts Videos On Coronavirus Quarantine: Is She Alright?

Gettyimages | Ethan Miller
By Alan Blake

The coronavirus outbreak is fast changing the world with governments ordering quarantines and cities lockdown. In the U.S., people are finding ways to support one another amid the hard times, with celebrities coming out to help the needy, and media influencers urging citizens to take the precautionary measures seriously.

Madonna is among the famous faces that have recently taken to social media to link up with fans, although some of her videos have attracted mixed reactions. Fans are questioning her while others blast the star following her videos.

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Madonna Terms the Coronavirus Outbreak a Great Equalizer

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

On Sunday, the pop star dropped a video to her Instagram and Twitter accounts in which she described the Covid-19 outbreak as a ‘great equalizer. ’ The singer noted one thing about the virus, that it does not discriminate.

Madonna added that the coronavirus does not care about how famous, rich, smart, or funny you are, or how you live, where you live, what stories you can narrate, or your age. The outbreak has now claimed more than 14,000 lives worldwide.

“What’s Terrible About It Is What’s Great About It” - Madonna


The 61-year-old notes that the coronavirus outbreak has made people equal in many ways, a fact that she regards as terrible. However, Madonna has contradicting opinions as she goes further to say that the equalization is still a wonderful thing about the virus.

The ‘Like A Virgin’ songstress then referenced her track Human Nature from 1995 saying that we are all sailing in the same boat and when it goes down, we go down together. Her video came along with the caption ‘No-Discrimination- Covid-19!!! #quarantine #covid-19 #staysafe #becreative #brianeno.’

Fans React to Madonna’s Instagram and Twitter Video

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

While she still received some warm responses, some were not as kind. A user reacted to the claims that the coronavirus outbreak has made people equal saying, ‘Yes we are indeed equal, my tub is also full of lavender and rose petals while I eat noodles with water on my tap.’

Her Twitter post attracted over 11,000 comments with people laughing at the video and calling the superstar out to donate. One of the commenters felt that Madonna was so full of herself.

Instagram User Tells Madonna They Aren’t Equal

Gettyimages | Michael Campanella

Instagram users were as well not happy with what Madonna had just posted. Users dropped in numbers leaving negative messages for the mother of six. From her reference to her song Human Nature, one user reacted, indicating that even if the ship was going down, they were not going down in the same way.

The user noted how Madonna was in her bathtub with people working for her to be there and reminded her that things outside her mansion are pretty different. The user was, however, a little kind and went ahead to share some love with the singer and asked her to be empathetic to the less privileged.

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