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Jenelle Evans

Critic Calls Out Jenelle Evans for Being 'Unemployed'

Gettyimages | John Lamparski
By A. Elise

When it comes to dealing with critics, Jenelle Evans has experience. The former Teen Mom 2 star was kicked off the show after her husband killed the family's dog and refused to let MTV film for the show. While Jenelle claimed that MTV had been unfair to her, the producers claimed they literally could not do their job because David was sabotaging them.

With fears surrounding COVID-19 increasing, people around the world are encouraged to self-quarantine and stay at home. As one Twitter user pointed out in Tweet directed at Jenelle, doing so is pretty easy considering she is "unemployed." Jenelle was not pleased.

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Jenelle Evans and David Eason
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It all started when Jenelle Tweeted, "Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Everyone's great over here. Daily reminder to wash your hands and social distance." This Tweet comes on the heels of a video the former MTV employee filmed in which she revealed she and her husband had reconnected.

One follower Tweeted, "It's easy for y'all to socially distance. No one wants to be involved in your drama and you are both unemployed." She added, "Some of us have to actually work."


In response, Jenelle retorted, "No drama over here." She added, "And I think you meant self-employed."

While Jenelle might have thought she was making a good point, many of her Twitter followers were not having it. One said, "Making Tik Tok videos is not a job." It is indeed true that Jenelle has been making more appearances on Tik Tok recently, sometimes alongside her children.

Another user said, "Because no one wants to work with y'all!" It is indeed true that MTV pulled the plug on filming Jenelle due to the antics of her and her husband.

Jenelle Evans
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Another Twitter user shot back, "And if it's going so well why couldn't you afford to stay in TN? Because your abuser made some empty promises? Get a life and stop lying."

This user is referencing the Q&A video in which Jenelle discussed getting back together with David Eason. One of the reasons she cited for moving back to "the land" in North Carolina was because she was paying her rent in Tennessee for an apartment as well as David's rent on "the land." It is unclear what David does for work, but the two boasted at one time that he cleaned boats.

Jenelle Evans, Maryssa Eason, and Ensley Eason
Gettyimages | John Lamparski

Jenelle probably did not expect the number of people who would clap back at her on Twitter, many laughing at her claims of self-employment. Of course, some of her users were actual fans and had some positive things to say.

Jenelle has not had much to say since followers called her out, but she did change her profile pic. The new picture is reminiscent of her Q&A video claims that she is considering a career in modeling now that she is back on "the land."

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