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Robert Downey Jr

Can DCEU Take Robert Downey Jr From Marvel?

Gettyimages | The Chosunilbo JNS
By Tia Kitchens

It seems that Robert Downey Jr is a wanted man after all this time. Who would have thought this would make this more complicated than it needed to be? We just wanted him to rejoin the MCU but it seems that things could get even more complicated than before.

The thing is we wanted him to join the MCU again but will he? That is the hard thing to know right now. Things are up in the air still with him right now.

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Robert Downey Jr
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The thing is he could return to the MCU. He would have to down his pay because it is just a cameo but he could still return. Granted we do know he won't be in any future films seeing as we witnessed his death. That is a bit hard to come back from.

So, a cameo is the best place for him. He will be in Black Widow in a cameo which all fans are grateful for. Just do they want more than that?

Robert Downey Jr
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Marvel doesn't want to pay Robert his former salary for the movies though. Which is fair as he isn't a key player in them. This has stalled some contracts and now we are having to wait.

But could Downey leave the MCU? Well that is the thing. He could as his contracts are up. There isn't anything signed just yet saying he couldn't go to the other studio. It is just the cost. What are they willing to pay? That is the complicated thing.


Fans are going to have to wait to see what happens though. There are just rumors for right now. We don't know what DCEU is willing to pay Downey just yet but we know for him to leave it would have to match what Marvel pay him.

Just will he? We honestly couldn't say right now. While we love him as our favorite Iron Man there are things that need to be worked out. Sadly we are all waiting for more to come through too.

Robert Downey Jr
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What we do know is that Downey has lowered his asking price. After Dolittle flopped at the box office we can't help but wonder if that had something to do with it. We know he is a great actor but was it just poor timing of the movie?

No matter what it seems Marvel is going to jump on this. He should be making a step to the small screen with Disney+ here soon. Once production of things kicks up again. We'll keep you updated on what that means though.

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