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Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie

Dennis Quaid & Fiance Laura Savoie Forced To Reschedule Their Hawaiin Wedding

Gettyimages | Terry Wyatt
By Jacob Highley

Dennis Quaid has been a favorite of my family's. His role in "Yours Mine & Ours" along with movies like "The Day After Tomorrow" are exceptional examples of his acting talents.

I had never really followed Dennis' personal life that closely. But after doing some research on his background. I'm amazed by how many different people Dennis has either dated or married.

His latest muse and soon-to-be-wife is Laura Savoie. They were scheduled to be married April 4th, but have postponed the wedding due to fears of the Coronavirus.

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People Posting Negative Reactions Over The Couple


Quite a few pictures have been posted with Dennis and Laura together. While most are happy for Dennis, I have noticed that some people don't look upon the couple fondly.

"I’m 25 and honestly I don’t get it ... Even my dad’s younger than him ..." - eautonne (Commenter)

"Why would she let her grandpa go out during this time 😩" - drjennpharmd (Commenter)

"What the hell 38 years older !!!🤮lord !!!!" - ellyfm (Commenter)

"That's a colossal age gap there" - sugar_bearxoxo (Commenter)

Most Are Happy For Dennis & Laura

happy woman
Gettyimages | We Are

Despite some people saying this is a doomed relationship, most people are very happy for the two of them.

Interestingly, many commenters have married with age gaps and say it is more important to cherish each other than to worry about age.

"*You go man.... there's 23 yrs difference between my wife and I" - BJ Tracy (Commenter)

"John Stamos is much older too and his wife is much younger and they look good together. I’m 11 years older than my spouse. Happiness and love is all that should matter 🙏🏽❤️" - theash84 (Commenter)

Dennis & Laura Disappointed

sad woman
Wikimedia |

It comes as no surprise that Dennis and Laura are super disappointed over having to postpone their Hawaii wedding. I would be too if I had to reschedule something like that.

I think it is so sweet that they love each other so much. Their interviews are really cute and Dennis is such a personality! I loved seeing him on The Ellen Show where he cracked my whole family up.

Most celebrities would give up after a second marriage ending in divorce. There's something to be said for Dennis' perseverance!

Laura Says They May Just Do Something Closer To Home

Gettyimages | Hiraman

Laura has said in an interview that they are hoping to have the wedding in Hawaii after things get better amidst this virus, but they may end up having the ceremony closer.

Kinda reminds me of Michelle Williams & Thomas Kail who reportedly married in secret despite everything going on right now.

I'm hoping they still get to have their exotic wedding. That would be super romantic and would be really fun to watch if they filmed it. The situation on the virus seems to change every day, so fingers crossed!

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