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Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres Challenges Former First Lady to Planking Contest!

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By Tia Kitchens

How bored do you think you have to be to start cold calling people? Well, we know that Ellen has started to feel this way. She like many of us have ended up in our houses. Away from the others in the world minus a screen or a phone call.

Just most of us don't have famous fans like Ellen DeGeneres does. We are seriously missing out on the fun with that one. But it seems that not even that can make up for being bored.

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Ellen DeGeneres
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Today the person to talk to was the former first lady, Michelle Obama. We know the two are friends after all. Like many, we know that the two have a good relationship and it is fun to see them together. Ellen, well being Ellen, was filming her calls between the people she was calling.

We honestly didn't expect anything less from the daytime TV host. Her life is filmed for a good part of the day and now it isn't.

Ellen DeGeneres
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On Ellen's Instagram, there is a five minute video of the call. Which good call on Ellen's part. No one will be able to come at her for a call this way. Yes, we are looking at you Kim and Kanye.

Anyway, during the video the two talk about how they are staying busy in the house. Ellen even joked about Michelle's two kids being home now too. In the last minute of the video Ellen throws in that she is getting ready to challenge Michelle in a planking contest.


Ellen pointed out that since people are home more then they have time to start working out more. She said it with a laugh as she pointed out that she was one of them.

"Yeah, I'm gonna let you sit on that," Obama replied with a laugh. "Because you always seem pretty overly confident in your ability to beat me in these physical matches, but we'll see."

It is true that Ellen does seem overly confident but that is who she is as a person.

Ellen DeGeneres
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The two ended the call with an "I love you." They really are great friends and we can't wait to see if this planking contest happens in the future.

Obama isn't the only she's keeping in touch with though. Ellen must be really bored at home since she called Jennifer Aniston twice. Since that is all they can do they just laugh it off. It seems that while we are bored Ellen might just be really bored at home. We really hope it all ends soon so we can go out again.

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