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Mo'Nique Tells Sway that She Was More Interested In Being Famous Than Being A Mom

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By Imani Ford

Mo’Nique has always been an open book about her professional life and the things she had to deal with in her career. When it comes to her personal life, the only thing that was relatively newsworthy was that she and her husbands have an open marriage. Knowing each other since they were 14, they married back in 2006 and remained in love ever since. After people’s reaction to the news about her marriage, she has kept away from that conversation for years. A few days ago Mo’Nique got candid with fans as she discusses her personal life.

David Banner Podcast

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On a recent episode of David Banners Podcast, Mo’Nique sat down with the famous rapper David Banner and opened up on a deeper level. Her husband accompanied her for this interview as well. Mo’Nique did discuss the Oprah situation and the letter she wrote her but the conversation started to shift to a more personal level. The tone of the interview changes and Mo’Nique says “There was a time that when he was a little boy, I wasn’t interested in being a mother.”

She was More Interested in Traveling the World

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“I was interested in being a star and I was interested in being famous and I wasn’t interested in being a wife” Mo’Nique continues to say. This is surprising to hear because Mo’Nique has never discussed this issue with the public before. “I was interested in taking pictures and red carpets and signing autographs and traveling the world so I didn’t really put the focus in,” she says. Mo’Nique now has an estranged relationship with her son Shalon Jackson and she blames her career for that.

I Didn’t Tuck You In

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“Now that I’m 52 and he’ll be 30, well I pay for that. There’s a price you have to pay for that” Mo’Nique explains. “I had to apologize to my son. I said to him I don’t want you to think that your story is not valid cause I didn’t tuck you in, I didn’t read you those stories, I didn’t show up to sporting events because my whole thing was yeah but whatever you ask for, I can provide it.”

I Wanted To Be Famous

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Closing out this conversation, Mo’Nique says “You see this big house? You see that basketball court outback? You see that pool? Don’t you come complaining to me about nothing cause I gotta go.” She then goes on to say “And then when I did come home, now I’m tired. You don’t understand that?” Mo’Nique pauses before finishing up with this sentiment. “There was a time that this entrainment was a priority because as a little girl I wanted to be famous. I craved that so bad. When that moment happened, that’s all that that was.”

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