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Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas Are Not Social Distancing At All!

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By Mario Perez

When you are in a new relationship and things are going well it is pretty common that you go through that phase where you just can't keep your hands off each other. The problem during these times is that you are supposed to keep your hands off of each other. In fact, the recommendations are that you should not even be touching your own face. Let alone someone else's!

These things did not phase Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas one bit as they were spotted making out on the street after a coffee run.

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What We Know About the Couple

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The two actors have officially been a couple for a very short amount of time. Just a couple of months ago Ana was actually linked to Bradley Cooper. That was just because they where spotted talking at an event. So, there were no real reports of them going on dates or anything like that.

As far as Ben goes, he came out just about a month ago to talk about how sorry he was that he had screwed things up with Jennifer Garner. Neither of the two seemed super ready to start a relationship. Now, they are quarantining together.

The Upcoming Bond Girl

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The Cuban actress only relatively recently broke on the scene in Hollywood. Her rise to fame was not a straight uphill slope. She left Cuba for Madrid at the age of 18. Having already stared in shows and films on the island. It was in Madrid where she would begin a fruitful career in Spanish television. Staring in El Internado which was a hit TV series in Spain.

From there she made the move to Hollywood. She has been very busy in the last few years. Not just hooking up, with Ben Affleck, but working on a lot of films. She is set to play the newest Bond-girl in the latest iteration of the franchise. She is also working on a project that will see her play the role of Marylin Monroe!

What Jennifer Garner Thinks of Ana

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The last few months have probably been pretty strange for Jennifer Garner. First, she had to deal with Ben giving interviews saying that he regrets their divorce. Basically saying that he was still in love with her. Which, certainly made this very uncomfortable for Garner and her now-boyfriend John C. Miller.

Reports indicated that the businessman was not happy with Ben's remarks to the papers. At this point, Garner is said to believe that she is ok with whoever Ben is dating. As long as that person can get along with their kids.

Not Taking The Situation Seriously

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Usually, it is fans who have to be pulled away from celebrities. These days, it may have to be the other way around. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas just got back from a beach trip. They are out kissing while walking out to get some coffee. This all basically means that they are not taking the social distancing and stay home recommendations to heart. Which, could seriously increase their chances of contracting COVID 19. Seriously, if you happen to see them on the street you may want to think twice about asking for an autograph.

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