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Michelle Obama sits in an armchair holding a microphone

Michelle Obama Reveals What Quarantine Life Has Been Like for Her Family

Gettyimages | Erika Goldring
By Natalie Hunter

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been handling quarantine in stride just like everything else in her life. According to HollywoodLife, Michelle spoke with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on Monday, March 23rd. While she was just starting to enjoy being an empty nester as her daughters Malia Obama was at Harvard Univesity and Sasha was stating her first year at University of Michigan, she is now stuck at home with her two daughters who are now taking their college courses online.

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"Ya know, we’re just trying to, like, structure our days,” Obama told the comedian on her family's quarantine. “I mean, everybody’s home,” Michelle, 56, told Ellen during their March 23 chat. “The girls are back because colleges are now online. So they’re off in their respective rooms doing their online classes and I think Barack is — I don’t know where he is. He was on the phone on a conference call. I just got finished with a conference call.”


Ellen joked that Michelle must be disappointed that the girls are back after freshly having the house to herself with Barack Obama.

"Because you were expressing how happy you were that they were gone," Ellen said.

“I know. I know,” Michelle joked. “I shouldn’t have boasted about that. The gods were getting me back. They’re back!”

Michelle opened up on parenting during an interview with Oprah earlier this year. “Parenting takes up a lot of emotional space,” Michelle admitted to Oprah during her 'Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus' tour.


“Raising a family together is a hard thing. It takes a toll," Michelle continued. "But if you’re with the person, if you know why you are with them. You understand that there was a friendship and a foundation there…You can have chunks of hard, bad times and if that’s how you define your marriage by just the hard times, then you’ll miss the truth of what’s really there.”

Despite the hardships of parenthood, Michelle has missed her children dearly and is happy to have them back.

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Even though Michelle Obama, like all of us, is going stir crazy trapped in her home, she agreed that it is best that everyone follow the CDC quarantine guidelines and that people stick together during these difficult times.

"These past few weeks have been scary and difficult for many of us," she wrote on Instagram. "We just don’t have a roadmap for what we’re currently experiencing—that in and of itself can bring up feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and fear. Not to mention the worry we feel about the health and safety of our parents, children, and loved ones and the financial security of so many families. Whatever you’re going through right now, I want you to know you aren’t alone. Even as we practice social distancing, this new normal is something we are figuring out together."

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