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Kevin Hart Talks Pressure of Pubic Hair In Confessions

Gettyimages | Tasos Katopodis
By Lacretia Roberts

The world knows and has come to love Kevin Hart. From his roles in films to his iconic stand up routines, he has become a staple in comedy.

Kevin Hart got his rise from years of standup that left viewers doubled over in laughter from his relatable, honest anecdotal style comedy.

Kevin continued to rise by starring in films such as, The Upside, Ride Along, Central Intelligence, Jumanji and Night School to name just a few.

The comedian has proved his talents both on screen and off.

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Kevin has been in media recently for a variety of things including a well publicized incident of cheating on his wife Eniko. Hart has since issued a public apology for his actions and seems to remain happily married.

Currently the star has taken to Instagram TV with a series called 'Confessions of the Hart.'

In the series Kevin delivers personal confessions of varying issues and experiences from different times in his life.

The series is candid and relayed with a classic Kevin Hart style that millions are tuning in for.

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

In one of the latest episodes of his series Kevin weaves the tale of how as an eighth grade student he experienced 40-45 minute bus rides to and from school.

Kevin details that during the bus rides certain conversations and situations would ensue.

One time in particular he recalls, "The girls were in like a weird mood."

He recalls that the girls somehow got on the topic of pubic hair.

Amidst this topic, several students got into what Hart describes as a "showing situation."

Gettyimages | Fairfax Media

Hart says several of his friends chimed in showing off their pubic hair alternating between girls and guys. Kevin revealed that at the time, he was bald and hadn't yet gotten his pubic hair. When it came time for him to show off his manhood hair, he says,

"I swear to God it was like the whole bus was looking at me."

Quick witted under pressure, Kevin says he acted as if he'd dropped something on the ground, plucked some hair from his head and used it as pubic hair to pacify everyone.

Giphy | Kevin Hart: What Now?

" I remember thinking in my head, how scary of a moment that was; because if I would have basically, admitted that I did not have pubic hair, my f*cking, my last year of junior high would have been ruined.

"The pressures that we go through as people, and that kids possibly go through man. I hope none of these other young kids are going through the pubic hair phase."

While puberty is an interesting milestone for growing teens, we have all experienced awkward moments in development because everyone is affected differently. Kevin's story shows his classic humor, humility and more importantly his relatability to everyday people.

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