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David Dobrik Compared To Chris Brown After Video Of Him Hitting Assistant Goes Viral

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By MLC on November 13, 2021 at 1:36 PM EST

David Dobrik is back in the headlines, and once again it’s not for anything good.

The disgraced YouTuber rose from the ashes earlier this year after nearly killing his “good friend” Jeff Wittek in a prank gone wrong.

In addition to that scandal, Dobrik was accused of supplying underage girls with alcohol at a house party he threw in 2018 and allowed a sexual assault to take place. He actually even filmed it for a vlog which was published to YouTube, but later deleted after the backlash rose to an all-time high.

Dobrik lost TONS of brand deals and millions of dollars in the wake of these scandals.

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David Dobrik Before Fame & Fortune Came Crumbling Down

2019 Streamy Awards
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2019 Streamy Awards
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In March he issued a measly apology video, which was not received well by fans and he was given a one-way ticket on the cancel club train.

Somehow, someway, Dobrik has been able to make a comeback on YouTube and now on TikTok.

However, his revived glory days may be numbered after his latest prank.

On Friday, November 12, Dobrik uploaded a video of him and his assistant/longtime friend, Natalie Mariduena, to his TikTok account.

Dobrik and Natalie are attempting to toss markers into a glass from a far distance.

Sounds very childish… and it is. Welcome to Gen-Z!

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The YouTuber was the first to toss a pink marker into the water glass and says, “If I make this you have to work free for a week.”

He missed.

Natalie was next and said, “If I make this David can’t see the new Spider Man movie the day it comes out.”

Before the marker leaves her hand, Dobrik comes up from behind and slaps the marker into Natalie’s face.

She falls back screaming, “Ow,” while he kneels over her, laughing hysterically.

David smacks his assistant in the face!

David Dobrik Smacking assistant

Natalie sits up and tells Dobrik, “It’s not that serious you f***ing psycho.”

The video then cuts to a close-up of Natalie’s face and she has a big bloody gash on her forehead right by her eyebrow.

Dobrik apologizes while still hysterically laughing while Natalie asks, “What did you doooo?”

He tries to explain that he was trying to hit the marker out of her hand, but it’s pretty clear from the video he wasn’t going to stop with the follow-through once he hit the marker.

Upon getting a closer look at her face, a shocked Natalie reacts by saying, “Oh my god, David. Oh my god. You’re not seeing that f***ing movie dips**t.”

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David draws blood!

girl bleeding from forehead

Dobrik captioned the video, “HAHAHA OH NOOO the stakes were to high.”

Many of his fans didn’t find the video funny. A lot of people were comparing to disgraced singer/rapper Chris Brown.

One person commented, “I woke up Chris Breezy,” while another wrote, “Pulled a Chris Brown.”

Fans draw similarities between David Dobrik and Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Others were super upset that he hit a woman and laughed about the entire thing.

“Man’s laughing when he legit just smacked her in the face like what,” one wrote.

Others wrote things like, “Does that not make anyone else mad,” “he literally always hurting someone one way or another,” and “tbh I’m starting to feel David doesn’t care if he hurts any of his friends if it makes him laugh.”

Later in the day, he posted a video to his IG Story of him partying in a club. That should tell you everything you need to know about him.

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