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Miley Cyrus Is Getting Serious About Her New Talk Show

Gettyimages | Mike Coppola
By kenadijiba

The fact that being a social media star is now more lucrative than having a Hollywood cosign is shocking. This is a relatively fresh state of mind. Now, if you had to choose between having a well respected career adjacent to Leonardo Dicaprio, versus becoming a Jake Paul 2.0, we can all agree Leo scores every time. But oddly it seems as if singers with strongly established careers as well actors, want to have an online presence. Miley Cyrus more recently being one of them.

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The Promise Land


When you have reached the top of the promise land, and you’ve got all the money in the world along with the influence, why the hell would you wish for anything more. Well, there's the ultimate dilemma. Once you’ve achieved what you have dreamed of since being a child there is the possibility of an intense emptiness hitting you, and hitting you hard. A lot of times for famous people who appear to lead such wonderful lives, that is their exact breaking point.

Build Up

Gettyimages | Hispanolistic

Building up everything you could possibly be when you have nothing is stimulating. The struggle might at the time feel like the most soul draining experience ever, but what those who have gone through it repeat time and again is, there’s always a desire to express how that era of their lives was the most satisfying. Having a drive for something when it feels like there is absolutely no hope can't be compared to any other thing in this world. There is also a nostalgic death and element of personal competition with one's own self when you've accomplished so much.

Miley's Talk Show

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

So, if anyone tries to question why Miley would desire to create her own livestream type of talk show, they should go home and watch a few documentaries on the trials of being famous. It's really not all it's cracked up to be, and the attack on personal trauma that at times ends up happening to people in the public eye, can make it unbearable. What Miley has actually done knd of well, although it was perceived as controversial, all revolves around how she broke through that idealized mold placed on her from a young age.

Defying The Rules

Unsplash | Mark Duffel

From cutting her luscious brown locks, to singing naked on a cold “wrecking ball”, Miley defied the hell out of those who thought she should carry herself one way. By doing that she helped her career to pop and highlighted her true talent as a fantastic vocalist. After all of the dust settled Miley finally calmed down as people do once partying their early 20’s away, and now wants to get serious about other themes in her life that matter the most to her. With her constant vigilance she's bound to do exceptionally well.

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