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Mike Tyson's Cannabis Empire Gets 'The Simpsons' Treatment in Latest Episode

The Simpsons / FOX
By Gary Trock

Getting parodied on "The Simpsons" is one of the highest honors bestowed on celebrities over the years, including fan-favorite Drederick Tatum, who is obviously based on Mike Tyson.

Tatum has been Springfield's resident boxing legend over the years and has appeared in many classic episodes, including "Flaming Moe's," "A Streetcar Named Marge" and "The Homer They Fall," where Homer Simpson actually gets a chance to take on Tatum in a short-lived boxing match.

The most recent episodes of "The Simpsons" brings fans up to speed with Tatum and his newest venture, which also happens to mirror the real-life business of Mike Tyson.

Well + Good

The Simpsons / FOX

On Sunday, "The Simpsons" aired Episode 17 of Season 31, titled "Highway to Well." The episode follows Marge as she lands a job at a company, Well and Good, which she soon learns deals in cannabis.

During a business meeting with the Well and Good owner, Tatum, Marge is introduced to plans for The Drederick, an upscale luxury hotel completely dedicated to cannabis.

The storyline of Tatum's foray into marijuana is clearly a nod to Mike Tyson's booming business, Tyson Ranch. Unlike the parodied version, Tyson Ranch does not actually sell any cannabis but rather deals in the branding and marketing of cannabis and CBD products.

Drederick Tatum


"The Simpsons" character of Drederick Tatum has been featured on the show for over 20 years, making his first appearance in Season 2 for "Homer vs. Lisa and the Eighth Commandment," which aired February 7, 1991.

Even though Tatum is a tribute to Mike Tyson, the character is actually voiced by Hank Azaria.

Tyson Ranch CEO Rob Hickman told The Blast the shoutout was "really cool," but thinks there's an opportunity for a "featured guest appearance" by the real boxing champ.

Hickman suggested Tyson could voice Marge's boss moving forward with the animated series, and that, "We'd give them a real inside look at the ranch."

We have a feeling the writers on "The Simpsons" would also love hanging out at Tyson Ranch.

Mike Tyson and Eminem

Lyrical Lemonade / YouTube / Eminem

Mike Tyson has been all over the news lately after making a huge surprise cameo in Eminem's newest music video for "Godzilla" off the album, "Music to Be Murdered By."

In the clip, the former heavyweight champ lands a brutal haymaker on Eminem before apologizing for not realizing who he had hit. Tyson then finds his way into the hospital and joins up with Dr. Dre while trying to patch up the legendary rapper.

Along with the "Godzilla" cameo, Tyson sat down with Eminem on his "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson" podcast.

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