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Did Madonna Get A Face Lift? Naked Bathtub COVID-19 Rant Has Fans Asking Questions

Gettyimages | Stephen Lovekin
By Jacob Highley

Madonna Louise Ciccone, more commonly known as simply "Madonna" is one of the most influential pop music artics, and is referred to as the "Queen of Pop". Her stage presence, lyrics, music videos, and outfits are often controversial which has propelled her to stardom.

Recently, her social media has been blowing up over some absolutely bizarre videos she's posted. Most have related to the Coronavirus going around right now, with a few exceptions.

Her most outrageously weird video has her naked in the bathtub, giving a freaky rant with eerie music in the background. If you haven't seen it yet, here you go.

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Madonna Calls It The "Equalizer"

black and white women
Unsplash | Billie

I wish I could spin a positive light on this, but I can't. I have never seen anything like this before, and part of me wants to know if I was supposed to watch this to begin with.

Don't get me wrong, I know Madonna can be weird, but this some next level spooky.

Think about it, Madonna is naked in the bathtub talking about a deadly virus like it is some kind of new trend.

Madonna, if you are reading this, I love you but you are freaking people out.

Fans Negatively Responding To Madonna's Recent Video


I don't approve of all these comments, but I figure I ought to list a few for you to see. Here are some of the most liked comments on Madonna's post:

"Who’s filming you? Satan?" - educatingliberals (Commenter)

"No more adrenochrome 😂" - berniefades (Commenter)

"😏 Says naked lady in the bath with flowers 😂 dramatic... 🎭- narayan365 (Commenter)

"This points out that we are not the same!! I’m sure everyone has a beautiful bathroom with a tub full of luxurious flowers and oils in it. Wrong place and weird to do a message like that!" - lesroc

Fans Think She Got Facial Surgery

women looking into mirror
Gettyimages | praetorianphoto

Quite a few people have come forward wondering whether Madonna got cosmetic surgery done on her face. Comparing some of her previous pictures to her most recent posts clearly shows a definitive change.

I honestly didn't even recognize her when I first saw the video, and apparently I'm not the only one. I feel bad for her.

"wtf is wrong with her face? shes done something to it.. dosent even look like her" - kristyanderson5326 (Commenter)

"What has she done to her face???? 😢" - sebastianortega1 (Commenter)

Some Think This Whole Thing Was Just For Attention

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

I would be lying if I said I didn't think Madonna's videos weren't a means to get attention. The whole purpose of publishing something is to get attention.

The big problem I see with this kind of video is that it doesn't come through as authoritative or comforting, it seems like a spoof. The problem with spoofing something like this virus is that it isn't a laughing matter and it should be taken seriously.

As others have commented, I think it is very likely this comes after recently getting facial surgery, and it sounds like there are some other things going on.

Hope you are doing ok Madonna!

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