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Houston We Have A Problem, Dallas Is Officially Under Lockdown

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By kenadijiba

The next city that has pushed an oficial lockdown is Houston. Honey, we have a problem because Texas isn't the most law abiding place. Stereotypically states like Texas and Kentucky with their southern proclivities dont enjoy the federal government, or even the local government, placing certain regulations on it's people. So, how this was going to be digested by those “rebellious” citizens was assumed to be not such a smooth transition. Still, the entirety of Texas hasn't been stressed to fall under these same rules.

Local Government

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Now, is it important for the local government to get involved with “stay home” types of plans in order to flatten the curve of Coronavirus spreading? Yes, but only for the places that truly need it. Lets not get trigger happy and start placing the entire country under lockdown. For a lot of states it's simply not necessary. If only 1 percent of the population is currently affected in a certain part of the country, why would you put such harsh regulations on civilians.

Three States

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As of right now only around three states have been placed under confinement. These states are huge economic big dogs in terms of assisting in the overall success of the country, and having them totally shut down is unprecedented. When this is all done and over with, the situation will still be perplexing and stressful. First of all how on Earth is anyone going to know for sure that the population at some point isn't at risk. If not everyone who has had symptoms of Coronavirus can get tested, how do we know that everyone has been cured?

Come Together

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The truth is we won't be able to know, and so the President and Congress, along with local government, need to come to some type of major resolution. What's the plan and what's the time frame? We as civilians need to have some confirmation concerning being in the “know” of when this situation is going to be handled, or at least eighty percent managed. We know that this can be a lot to ask of medical professionals, but as American there is a newfound desperation for answers.

Dr. Fauci

There also needs to be some connectivity established. Within the White House after each new press meeting, Trump and Dr. Fauci aren't on the same page. Trump proceeds to Tweet out something concerning a possible drug that has in the past assisted in helping with Malaria, and cosigns that it could help cure Corona, but then Dr. Fauci comes out on CNN and negates everything Trump says. With no offense to Trump, most people are putting their eggs in Dr. Fauci’s basket, and so maybe he should listen more to the professionals.

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