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Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron Dress Up Like SuperHeroes During Quarantine

Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire
By Jacob Highley

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron have been posting some hilarious and entertaining updates on their social media accounts while in quarantine. The two of them, along with their friends, have been self-isolating to 'curb the curve' as many call it.

The hashtag "#thequarantinecrew" has become their group name and it sparks quite a few questions considering Hannah and Tyler's previous dating history. Quite a few fans think they are dating now, but no one is really sure.

One thing's for sure, they're trending!

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Hannah Says "Put That thing Away"?

Giphy | flor

In a hilarious clip posted on Tyler's Instagram, he is wearing a superman costume telling Hannah to attach the cape. The camera shifts views as Tyler turns towards the camera, and Hannah tells Tyler to "put that thing away" leaving viewers of their live steam laughing up a storm! (Cause we all know what she's talking about)

Besides the fact that this was on a live stream with thousands of people tuning in, the comment was so Hannah that many people thought it was more fun watching them than a reality TV show!

Hannah & Tyler 'Fight' Over Livestream

group laughing
Gettyimages | alvarez

Both Tyler and Hannah started live-streaming at the same time a few days ago, where they both began to hilariously argue over which live stream viewers should be watching.

I think they make such an adorable couple. Were it an actual production, I would totally watch the two of them with their "quarantine crew" as a show.

I find it quite odd that while a virus breaks out, a fan favorite Bachelorette would get with an ex-boyfriend and live under the same roof. (I mean, that is a bit peculiar right?)

People Are Finding Hope From 'The Quarantine Crew'

woman smiling at phone
Gettyimages | MStudioImages

Their funny videos and regular uploads kinda remind me of how people regularly enjoyed watching comedy movies and shows during the Great Depression. Difficult circumstances and a lot of fear often leave people feeling alone. I'm glad to see some young people are encouraging others with their videos.

When I think about how much is going on in the world today, the more I realize just how important it is for people to help and love each other.

Many people think Hannah and Tyler are going to get back together because they are spending so much quality time with each other.

Hannah Looks Super Happy, And Gorgeous!

Hannah Brown
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Have you seen recent pictures of Hannah? She looks incredible! The last I saw from her was from a few weeks back or so when I covered her being picked for the Bachelorette again.

While I have really admired her personality and how fun she is, I would be considered a blind bat if I didn't at least mention the fact that she is also a total babe.

Tyler better put on his A-game man. If it ain't him, it will be one of the thousands of fans who absolutely adore her.

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