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Janelle, Christine, Kody, Meri, and Robyn Brown

Tensions Rise As Robyn Brown Accuses Kody of Using Children as Pawns

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By A. Elise

The most recent episodes of Sister Wives make it apparent that the relationship between Kody and Robyn Brown is struggling. The 14th season of TLC's hit show makes it clear that the Brown family is not thriving in Flagstaff, Arizona. Part of the reason why? They keep having to move.

On the latest episode of the show, Robyn and Kody have a heated argument about buying versus renting a house. Robyn begins hinting that Kody Brown might be using their five children as pawns in that fight.

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Robyn Brown
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On the episode of Sister Wives titled Robyn vs. Kody, the two are still arguing. In the episode, Kody claims that the family needs to buy a home within the next few days. Robyn says that doing so would mean that the family would not have the funds necessary to begin construction on their Coyote Pass land. She wants to rent, but rentals are not appearing.

The episode featured Robyn and Kody looking for houses in Flagstaff, but Robyn is upset that the discussions and arguments she has with Kody seem to influence their children.

Robyn Brown
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In one scene, Kody told Robyn while addressing their preschool-aged daughter Ariella, "We have to leave our home. I need a new house for my sweetie. Can you help me look at this one?"

This was not pleasing to Robyn. In fact, it seemingly made her mad that he would use their children "as pawns."

Tensions were so high because Robyn continued to insist that God would provide the family with a rental to move into. Meanwhile, Kody believed God was telling them that they should buy a home.

Robyn and Kody Brown's children
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While the two argue, Kody asks Robyn why it's so bad that he thinks God has a different plan for their family. Again, Robyn is upset that Kody is involving the children. She says, "We'll talk about that later, not in front of the kids."

Kody Brown claimed that Robyn's loyalty to her sister wives could be damaging to their children. He said on the show, "Her loyalty to the whole family, big picture, is keeping her from doing something she needs for her and her kids right now."

Later on, Robyn accused Kody of trying to freak out her daughters by telling them that they would have to go to different schools.

Robyn and Dayton Brown
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On Twitter, followers were divided on the issue. One person said, "He just wants what he [wants], regardless of anyone [else's] needs."

Others sided with Kody. One follower said, "She is making it painfully difficult. . ." Another put it plainly, "I have to side with [Kody] on this. He has a responsibility to find a home for his kids in 28 days. What do you do when day 28 rolls around and you have to say, 'We're homeless because Mom was holding out for a rental that obviously isn't there'."

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