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People Want Harry and Meghan To Stop Using Their Sussex Royal Instagram Account

By Mario Perez

Any celebrity that is on social media has been attacked by a troll at least once in their lifetime on the platform. Without a doubt though, one of the most "trolled" accounts on Instagram belongs to the current and almost former Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been bashed by the media since they decided that they were going to split from the Royal Family at the beginning of the year. At this point, could the trolls actually have a point?

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What Do People Have an Issue With?

Unsplash | King's Church International

The "trolls" showed up in the latest Instagram post that was shared by the couple on their account @SussexRoyal. Although the couple still gets some love from fans this time around the negative comments where a majority by far.

The overall sentiment is that if the couple was looking for a private life therefore, they should not then be looking for attention by using social media. As user @lesprose put it, "the double standard of wanting privacy and then encouraging attention via this is wholly wrong. Please remove this Instagram and go underground and remain in your privy world."

Never Really Fitting In

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There are always two sides to every story, so it would only be fair to talk about how we got here. The truth is the British press was not fond of Meghan, to begin with. She was American, she was divorced, and for a lot of racist people out there, the fact that she has African American roots was also a major issue. If you are not aquatinted with how frowned upon divorce was in the royal circles, watching the first seasons of "The Crown" could help you out!

The Trademark Issue

Unsplash | Debbie Fan

Usually, internet trolls are just there to hate. Most of the times their arguments against a celebrity are not well rounded enough. In this situation though, there are some very valid points. The couple fell out of the public's good graces in the UK when they wanted to trademark Sussex Royal as a brand.

The problem with that is, the brand is basically the property of the British people. At least that is the sentiment. So the thought is, that Harry and Meghan are looking to turn around make a public property private and then profit from it. Being royal is not a job it is a duty.

Should The Queen Ban Them From Using The Instagram Account?

Unsplash | NeONBRAND

There are certain folks that are calling for the couple to get off Instagram or to at least not use the Sussex Royal username. The Queen, can't necessarily ban them from using Instagram. What she can do is ban them from using the Sussex Royal user name.

Actually this is something that is going to probably happen sooner rather than later. As the couple has given up their royal titles. If things continue on this path it is very likely that the Royals will push to distance Harry and Meghan even more from the family!

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