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Hailey Bieber Advises Miley Cyrus on Religion on 'Bright Minded: Live With Miley'

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By Natalie Hunter

Oprah isn't the only star launching a new talk show during the coronavirus pandemic. Miley Cyrus also launching her talk show titled 'Bright Minded: Live With Miley' on Instagram Live. The show airs Monday through Friday at 11:30 AM/PST. She announced the TV show one week ago and wrote today on her Instagram account today that "Things will DEFINITELY become more official today!" in regards to the show. The show spiked in popularity after her interview with Hailey Bieber covering religion as reported by Perez Hilton.

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“I had a hard time finding a relationship with God that worked for me as an adult," Miley confessed. "I think what I just took away from you is I’m allowed to decide what my relationship is with spirituality as an adult that doesn’t have to be aligned with the way that it was when I was brought up. I had some gay friends in school. That is the reason why I left my church is that they weren’t being accepted.


"They were being sent to conversion therapies… I had a hard time with me finding my sexuality too," Miley added.

“I think there’s a difference between being raised in church and being an adult and having your own relationship with God and Jesus and spirituality," Hailey replied. "Because what my relationship was with faith getting raised that way is completely different than me in my own journey as an adult. I found a church community that works for me, where I feel supported and loved and accepted.”

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“I think what I’ve learned for myself is that having people to be able to go to and say ‘I feel this way right now’… I was always the type of person where I felt I could figure things out by myself, I felt so independent… I’m good, I don’t need anybody’s help [but] then I realized as I’ve gotten older, you can’t always be the person that is strong enough. Sometimes we do get weak," Hailey Bieber continued on the show.


"Sometimes we need the support of other people. Having a confidant and having people you can depend on, that you know are always going to be there, like your family or a therapist… sometimes we need that outside person to say ‘This isn’t accurate, you’re overthinking it.’ And you need people to speak into your life like that, to call you out in a loving and a healthy way,” she concluded. Miley's interview with Hailey can be found on IGTV.

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