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Willow Smith at an event

Willow Smith: Why Her Parents Supported Her Decision To Shave Her Head

Gettyimages | Andrew Toth
By Maurice Cassidy

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are incredibly supportive with regards to their children, which is why they didn't lose their cool after discovering that Willow Smith had chosen to shave her head.

Earlier this month, a video of the 19-year-old’s boyfriend Tyler Cole surfaced, showing him trim down Willow's hair during their boxed-in, 24-hour exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

And while fans were quick to stress their concerns, with many wondering whether Willow was suffering from some sort of breakdown, sources tell Hollywood Life that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

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Why She Shaved Her Head

Willow Smith at an event
Gettyimages | Rich Fury

Willow is perfectly fine, and from what’s been gathered, her parents totally approve of her decision to shave her head.

“Both of Willow’s parents have been extremely supportive, they are proud of her,” a source revealed.

“The first time she shaved her head she was 11 and her dad was very shocked. This time he was super chill about it and so supportive. And her mom is thrilled.

"She’s Willow’s biggest cheerleader. It’s a big moment for Willow because her new album is out so that’s really what they are talking about much more than her hair.”

She Felt Liberated

Willow Smith performing at an event
Gettyimages | Rich Fury

Willow felt empowered by her decision to ditch her hair because it’s given her a new sense of freedom - almost as if she was entering a new chapter in her life.

Having struggled with anxiety in the past, she shaved her head as a way of starting fresh - and Willow hasn’t looked back since.

Will and Jada allow their kids to navigate through life on their own terms, and if cutting her hair is something that Willow wants to do, her parents would have never stopped her from doing just that.

Her Parents Were Cool About It

Willow Smith at an event with her parents, Will and Jada
Gettyimages | Bennett Raglin/BET

“Willow was more interested in doing her art than worrying about losing her hair or what her parents thought about her doing it,” an insider continued to explain.

So how did Will and Jada react to Willow's makeover?

“Will and Jada allow their kids to experiment and experience life in the ways they want and Willow decided to do this for anxiety exhibit and it shows that it worked because people are talking about it, it is all that Willow could have hoped and her family gave their full support. Plus, she looks beautiful and hair grows back. Everyone seems to be OK with it all.”

She Released An Album With Her Boyfriend

Willow Smith at an event
Gettyimages | Nicholas Hunt

On March 13, “The Anxiety,” Willow and Tyler’s first joint album, was released to the public, consisting of 10 tracks in total.

The couple had previously worked together on 2019’s “Willow,” with Tyler going on to produce and write two songs on the project.

Willow signed her first record deal in 2010, which is the same year she would release her chart-topping debut single "Whip My Hair," followed by "21st Century Girl" and "Fireball" in 2011.

Have you had the chance to play Willow's new album yet?

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