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Kaley Cuoco in the street

Kaley Cuoco Drops 'F-CK' Mug Episode Of Quarantine 'Cup of Cuoco'

Gettyimages | Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin
By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco's impromptu "A Cup of Cuoco" Instagram series is back. The 34-year-old sitcom star's videos of her documenting her current thoughts as she enjoys her first coffee of the day tend to be humorous – with coronavirus spiking and millions in quarantine as the world battles COVID-19, though, Kaley had little to joke about in her Sunday video.

Amazingly, given the hard times being faced, the "Big Bang Theory" actress' episode was both uplifting and delivering some good news. Keep scrolling for the footage (and its very appropriate "F*ck" mug).

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No Idea What Day Of The Week It Is

Kaley Cuoco in a nightgown
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley's video (seen below) showed her looking fresh-faced, 100% makeup-free, and pared-down as she spoke into the camera from behind green-rimmed glasses matching a simple t-shirt with "Bear Hug" written on it.

Today's coffee mug was, ask Kaley had deemed in her video, fitting for what appears to still be the mood for many – the blonde was getting her caffeine fix from a mug with "F*ck" on it and the letter F forming the handle.

While not overly discussed, Kaley did admit that life had changed:

"Happy Sunday, or is it Monday, or Tuesday," Kaley said, as her stay-at-home days were clearly taking their toll.

Admits Can't Remember When She Last Showered

Kaley Cuoco in a t-shirt
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley did speak of her recent and headline-making move into her new $12 million Hidden Hills estate – Kaley and 2018-married husband Karl Cook are finally living together for the first time.

"Luckily we got enough done so we could move in," Kaley said, adding that filming for her upcoming HBO Max show "The Flight Attendant" had been canceled, forcing her NYC stay to come to an end.

As to the reality of quarantine, Kaley realized that she hadn't worn makeup in days, also adding:

"Has it been two weeks we've been quarantined? I don't know," before admitting that she no longer cares about her appearance – nor, did it seem, could Kaley really remember if she showered last night.

The Most Uplifting News Ever, She's Fostering

Kaley Cuoco with a rabbit

Amid the doom and gloom as the COVID-19 death toll surpasses 14,000 and millions face a new and difficult life social distancing, Kaley did have some good news. The star has signed up to foster an animal with billionaire husband Karl – Kaley made headlines earlier this year for attempting to free a rescue dog she named Muffin in a shelter drama.

Announcing that we are "fostering," Kaley said she was hoping the new pet would arrive "today" – anyone checking the blonde's stories then saw the couple's new dog Old Man Dumptruck.

Kaley also spoke to anyone who's with a pet right now: "Also, how happy are all your animals right now. That we're just home with them."

Made Headlines For Coronavirus Panic At The Grocery Store

Kaley Cuoco in a grocery store
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Calm as Kaley was in the video that also saw her touch on social distancing – Kaley called it "really important" – the vibe was more intense last week as Kaley and Karl hit up a local grocery store.

Finding themselves amid panic buyers and half-empty shelves, the two wound up arguing as Kaley contemplated stocking up on almond milk – for Karl, though, the produce aisle being "totally full" meant there was no need for concern.

Kaley's video today also saw her admit missing workout classes as she social distances with outdoor walks, but the star seemed to be coping – despite saying she's living "as if no-one will ever see me again."

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