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Jana Kramer's Experiencing 'Waves' of Emotion Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer
By Zachary Holt

The coronavirus pandemic, is no doubt, causing people's emotions to run high at the moment. There's fear for love ones as the uncertainty of its spread continues throughout the world. People are also reeling from being laid off and the inability to pay bills or put food on the table for their families. It's truly a scary time in this country's history.

One person who's feeling the effects of the pandemic, at least in some regard, is country star Jana Kramer, who has been going through 'waves' of emotion over the past several days. Eventually, those emotions lead to her breaking down.

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Kramer Explains the Emotional 'Waves' She's Been on the last Several Days

Gettyimages | Gary Gershoff

Taking to her Instagram on Saturday, the country star revealed exactly the emotions she's going through as she struggles to cope with all of the sadness that is affecting the people of the world. "I think it’s important to voice how you’re feeling. If I’m being honest I’ve hit all the different waves," she said in an Instagram post this weekend.

"I was naive in the beginning, terrified last week, nervous, anxious, scared and now today I’m depressed. It hit me like a d--n truck this morning. Just out of nowhere I started crying."

'I Believe We Are Entitled to Feeling Upset Because of the Times Right Now'

Gettyimages | Paul Archuleta

When the tears started flowing, Kramer said it affected her husband, Mike Caussin, as he was shocked that she had broken down seemingly out of nowhere. "I think I shocked Mike. I was having guilt for feeling those emotions because I’m not sick, my family isn’t sick so how can I be upset?" she continued in her lengthy Instagram post.

"But I believe we are entitled to feeling upset because of the times right now. We are all financially stressed and it keeps me up thinking how I’m gonna support my family when I can’t work. I think hiding in the depression isn’t good and I think reaching out and telling your friends you’re having a hard time is what you need to do."

The 'One Tree Hill' Alum Encourages People to Reach Out to Loved Ones

Gettyimages | Rich Fury

"So this is me saying 'hey, I’m having a hard time and you’re not alone.' Can we all be kind in the comments and be there for those that are also having a hard time," Kramer explained.

"I even texted a friend this morning saying 'hey I’m not doing so good, can we talk.' Reach out. Talk to people. And another way I think I’m gonna get out of this rut is helping others. Helping others ALWAYS makes me feel better." The 'One Tree Hill' alum also revealed that she's been participating in the 'Do Your Part Challenge'.

Kramer Participates in the 'Do You Part Challenge', Passes It On to Others

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman/E! Entertainment

The Do Your Part Challenge' is something that people have been nominating others for over the last couple of weeks. Once nominated, the person is expected to help out someone or a group of individuals with items to assist with the coronavirus pandemic. In Kramer's case, she was nominated by Jamie Lynn Spears, and chose to buy food, diapers, and additional supplies for three mothers. The singer and songwriter Instagram concluded her post by challenging Shawn Johnson and three others do the same.

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