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Cardi B Offers Her Thoughts on US COVID-19 Response

Gettyimages | David Dee Delgado
By Ben Robinson III

We are now officially one week into the mandatory two-week self quarantine issued by most state governments. So far, some are trying their hardest to make the best of the ongoing chaos by remaining indoors and limiting their exposure to outside individuals. Then on the other hand there are many people who do not believe in the severity of the virus, and are still engaging in social activities outdoors and in spaces occupied by more people than advised. Those people clearly are not paying attention.

Now as we all continue with social distancing many celebrities are trying their best to make sure their fans and followers understand exactly how important it is to remain indoors. Soulful singer JoJo recently reworked one of her greatest hits to empower everyone with knowledge about staying indoors while Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are offering updates on their condition as they battle the virus in isolation. Another celebrity, Cardi B, is now offering her own thoughts about the entire situation and our government's slow response.


Cardi is no stranger to relaying how she feels about certain political issues. Many think of her primarily as a rapper and former reality television star, but she's very opinionated and has no problem letting people know how she feels. Especially during the 2019 government shutdown where Cardi had many thoughts. Vox reports;

She pointed out that the shutdown has been going on for more than three weeks and noted that federal government workers were being forced to work without pay.

“Now, I don’t want to hear y’all m--------s talking about oh, but Obama shut down the government for 17 days. Yeah, b---h, for health care,” she said.

So your grandma could check her blood pressure and you b-----s could go check your ***** in the gynecologist with no m--------g problem.”

Though she used colorful language to get her point across, she was speaking the truth. And now Pop Culture reports Cardi is back once again to give her thoughts on how the government is handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

"You know, I started doing more research and everything, and I watched a YouTube video — I don't know if it's up now. It's like, a little documentary that they did in Wuhan, China," she said. "When they put Wuhan, China in quarantine... they were spraying s— in the streets. They were knocking on each door, taking peoples' temperature, and anybody that had the coronavirus, they would do strict quarantine on them."

Gettyimages | Steven Ferdman

Cardi expressed anxiety about the inconsistency of symptoms across different cases of COVID-19. She pointed out expert recommendations as well as case-by-case anecdotes, remarking that some basketball players claimed that they had tested positive, but never showed any symptoms. She thought that the top priority should be making tests as widely available as possible.

Cardi also expressed her frustration with being self-quarantined in a video last week where she said in part "I don't know if you can tell, but I'm losing my f—ing mind. I want to get dressed up. I want to put a f—ing lacefront on, I want to put on my f—ing expensive outfits, and I want to go out. And I can't!"

The world feels your pain Cardi. Hang in there.

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