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Olivia Culpo takes a selfie

Olivia Culpo Sizzles In Sports Bra For 'Impromptu' Dancing & Instagram Goes Nuts

Olivia Culpo/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Olivia Culpo is social distancing like the rest of us. The 27-year-old model and social media sensation has been keeping behind closed doors as the novel coronavirus continues to gain ground – Friday marked a sobering figure as the global death toll for COVID-19 hit 10,000, but the figure has since shot up to over 13,000.

Olivia has been keeping busy during her quarantine, updating her Instagram on Saturday with a video that both confirmed her 7-day mark away from the world, plus a little reminder of her sizzling model body.

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She'll Pose, But The Videos Go Full Goofy

Olivia Culpo poses in a Fendi bikini
Olivia Culpo/Instagram

Olivia's video (seen below) showed her getting goofy as she was filmed in a candid moment. As the "Sports Illustrated" model had stated in her caption, she highly recommends unplanned party time – clearly, though, Olivia wasn't advocating that people do it in clubs.

The video showed Culpo shaking her hips and waving her arms as she screamed: "WHAT'S HAPPENING?" The Rhode Island native was also flaunting her chiseled abs via a sexy and cleavage-flaunting black sports bra in matte metallics, also rocking a matching pair of leggings, plus a loose and light-colored jacket.

'How Are You Real' – She Gets Fans Every Time

Olivia Culpo poses in a bikini top and skirt
Olivia Culpo/Instagram

Engagement was high on this video, with replies and likes coming in fast. Views sat over 730,000 by the time the post was 18 hours old, with the comments section overflowing.

"Wow," one fan wrote.

"How are you real," another asked.

Meanwhile, others zero'd in on the "Model Squad" star's impeccable sense of style: "Post what your wearing!!!! PLEASE 👸🏻," one user wrote.

Then again, someone seemed to think the girlfriend to Christian McCaffrey might be high.

"I'll take some of what Olivia is smoking 😂😂😂," they wrote.

A More Serious Message About Social Distancing

Olivia Culpo poses in a marble bathroom
Olivia Culpo/Instagram

If you're not doing it – now is the time. Seriously. People are dying.

Olivia took to Instagram recently with a photo of text reading "A BAD SITUATION IS THE BEST TIME TO BE GOOD TO EACH OTHER" last week. Her caption shared more.

"A lot of us right now are at home, social distancing, with a little more time. More time to spend with our family, more time to be present, more time off our phones, more time to reflect and give thanks. This is a great time for us to slow down and be a little more intentional with our time and energy," she began.

Shouts Out The Healthcare Workers

Olivia Culpo in the street
Gettyimages | Gotham

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be staying home. Alongside delivery drivers, mail staff, and the military, medical staff are finding themselves at risk – especially given that they're on the front line with coronavirus.

"Sending positive vibes to everyone at home right now, everyone feeling unwell, and to everyone in the healthcare industry around the world putting the sick before themselves, making a difference and setting an example for all of us. I have so much gratitude for you!," Olivia concluded.

Olivia has 4.6 million Instagram followers. For more from her, give her account a follow.

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