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Jinger Duggar in an early TV appearance

Jinger Duggar: Is She Happy?

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By danyellmarshall

Jinger Duggar has a reputation for being one of the most rebellious Duggar kids. She's moved away to L.A> and started wearing pants. She's also been listening to mainstream music and watching TB. Some wonder if the reality star is truly happy as a wife or a mother. Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's marriage has been under constant scrutiny from their fans and critics alike. Fans have taken to the internet to discuss Jinger's well being and happiness dor years.

Mental Health Worries

The Duggar family in front of their Arkansas home
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Before Jinger Duggar was the feisty, rebellious daughter many fans speculated that she may be struggling with mental health issues. When her mom Michelle was a teenager she struggled with bulimia. Many wonder if Jinger also suffered an eating disorder. Viewers of the show seemed to think she had thinning hair. They also noticed Jinger drank a lot of coffee, possibly to supplement her energy. Jinger used a lot of fake tanner which may have been to cover up a sallow complexion.

Is Jinger Happily Married?

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo on the red carpet
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Duggar girls find their mates in a highly unusual way for our society. They aren't permitted to date the way most modern women do. Instead, they enter heavily supervised courtships. Duggars are usually married off quickly at a very young age. This leads many fans to wonder if the women are truly happy in their marriages after such a brief and awkward time to get to know their future husbands. Some have noted that Jinger just doesn't look very happy.

Couple's Social Media Sweetness

Jinger Duggar poses with her sisters to promote their book
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Despite the rumors that Jinger is unhappy in her marriage, her social media accounts say otherwise. Like many couples, they appear to be perfectly happy as they post and comment together online. The only peek fans get into their marriage now is through social media. The pair have stopped appearing together in the Duggar family's reality TV series. With such a small window into the pair's private life, it's difficult to gauge how happy their marriage really is from afar.

Fans Comment On Jinger's Parenting

The Duggar family behind the sceenes at an early TV appearance
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any fans have worried about Jinger's happiness since she was a young girl. While many suspected that Jinger might be suffering from an eating disorder others have wondered if she's simply unhappy in such a strict environment. Since she married Jeremy Vuolo fans wondered if moving to L.A. may have made her unhappy too. Motherhood seems to have exacerbated fan worries: “Jinger’s eyes went from dead to more dead with motherhood,” one Reddit user commented about the former reality star.

Jinger Praises Daughter Online

Despite fans' concerns over Jinger Duggar's enjoyment of motherhood the young mom certainly seems to enjoy spending time with her little girl. Jinger looks her happiest when she's out having fun with little Felicity. She also posts about her frequently to social media and showers the little girl with praises and positive comments. Many fans think Jinger and Jeremy are great parents and compliment the young family on their inspirational lifestyle. It's hard to judge based on so little information.

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