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'Manifest' Season 2 Delivers A Twist In Episode 10

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By Lacretia Roberts

Season two of Manifest started off with a bang as we finally learn who got shot in the prior finale.

After quite the turbulence, from the aftermath of the shooting, Zeke and Michaela are finally marking their journey into a relationship of some sort at the expense of Jared's feelings.

At least that's how Jared takes it when Michaela convinces him that he needs to recant his testimony and explain that the shooting was as an accident in order to free Zeke from jail.

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Of course deep down Jared knows the truth that the incident was not an intentional act done by Zeke to purposely hurt Michaela. However the vendetta he has against Zeke is much deeper than we truly understand.

It seems that by Michaela telling the truth in order to exonerate Zeke she had to discredit Jared, though that is the result of his own actions. He could have come clean and explained it was an accident but his jealousy and disdain wouldn't let him.

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Either way Jared has been deeply scarred by the experience and is having a rather difficult time letting go of his feelings for Michaela and their past.

But is his resent enough for him to join the Xers?

It appears that Jared has traded sides as he delivers an unforgettable speech in an Xer bar after being called out for his previous engagement to Michaela.

He declares, that yes he was engaged to her but that was before she got on a plane and went to Jamaica.

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Jared explains that whomever or whatever came back from flight 828, wasn't her.

Referring to the girl he fell in love with, viewers can see that Jared is heartbroken and still in love with a woman who no longer exists.

He goes on to make it clear, stating,

"This person, destroyed my marriage, and then she threw me under the bus to protect some drug addict she barely knows; which destroyed everything that I have worked for.

Michaela Stone destroyed my life."

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After such a tear jerking performance viewers are left with the sinking feeling that Jared truly has crossed over to the dark side and he has.

Just not in the way he makes viewers think. It is revealed in episode 10 that Jared has been working undercover.

While his feelings for Tamera seem real enough, his true aim was to infiltrate the Xers through her brother and his gang.

His act was convincing enough to everyone including Michaela.

Just when fans might have been worried about seeing Jared redeem himself even after feeling scorned, he and Michaela work together to take out the group.

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