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Thomas Ravenel filming a scene for Southern Charm

'Southern Charm' Kathryn Dennis' Kids Might Have A Half-Sibling On The Way!

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Kay Lewis

Disgraced “Southern Charm” alum Thomas Ravenel may be adding an addition to his family. It is being reported that Ravenel and his most current ex, Heather Mascoe are expecting a child together. We should be saying congratulations but to be honest, I’m not quite sure if the occasion is joyous or not. Bringing a child into the world is always a blessing but the fact that they are exes can’t be good for parenting. Not much is known about Ravenel’s ex except that this will be the third child for both of them, Mascoe has two teenagers with her ex Leo Chiagkouris.

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Thomas Ravenel at the Southern Charm reunion
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Ravenel has two children with former cast mate Kathryn Dennis. A son Saint, 4 and daughter Kensington, 5. Much of Dennis and Ravenel’s relationship played out on the show including how they hooked up in the first place. The relationship was far from perfect with Dennis getting pregnant soon after meeting Ravenel. While the couple tried to make things work, the relationship was too toxic. They ended up trashing one another in the media with Ravenel accusing Dennis of drug abuse and putting their children in danger.

Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel filming a scene for Southern Charm
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Soon after the couple’s relationship broke down, Ravenel introduced a new love interest to the group by the name of Ashley Jacobs. Jacobs and Dennis battled it out after she accused Dennis of being a bad mother. Ravenel’s relationship with Jacobs did not last long nor did it end well. Jacobs, soon after the breakup leaked stories of Ravenel accusing him of not being the person that she thought he was. She even came back on “Southern Charm” to try and fake reconcile with Dennis.

Thomas Ravenel at a Bravo event
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It was after that tumultuous relationship with Jacobs that Ravenel began dating Mascoe. The “Daily Mail” is reporting that they have spotted Mascoe at an OB-GYN’s office in Charleston, where the show is filmed. The report also says that Mascoe is about 3 months away form giving birth. An insider with the cast of “Southern Charm” is claiming that Ravenel is doing anything possible to keep this little pregnancy under wraps. The “Daily Mail” is also reporting that “Thomas is doing everything he can to keep a lid on this. He’s told Heather not to go out and even people who know are afraid to say anything because Thomas is so aggressive when he is crossed.”

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis on Southern Charm
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That’s sounds pretty aggressive and stressful for a woman who is pregnant. So, what does Dennis think about all this? Obviously, she hasn’t and most likely never will come out with a statement, but it is being reported that she has been informed. She was supposedly told by her attorney that her kids would be getting a new sibling. We have to say, all that talk that Ravenel did in season one about restoring his family’s good name must have completely gone over his head. Nothing he has done since starting on this show has helped in any way.

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