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Prince William and Kate MIddleton enjoy a walk together

Kate Middleton and Prince William Break Tradition WIth Childrens' Schooling

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By danyellmarshall

The British royal family lives lives steeped in tradition. Every aspect of their lives is held up to rigorous standards. They're expected to dress within particular guidelines, wave a certain way and even avoid certain foods. Thankfully modern royals are enjoying an unprecedented period of freedom in which it's more acceptable than ever to buck royal tradition and move in new directions. Kate Middleton and Prince William have taken advantage of the new modern open-mindedness when making choices in their children's education.

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Enjoying Modern Freedoms

Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle
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The rules have never been so flexible for the British royal family. Never before have so many royals acted without fear of backlash from the public or the tabloids. Meghan Markle sported messy buns and dark manicures. Kate Middleton and Prince William are bucking traditions too. Prince Harry even married for love. It's rumored his father was pressured into a marriage of royal convenience. Those days are long gone. The royal family are now free to branch out more than ever.

Choosing The Right Schools

Kate Middleton
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Where most royals have sent their children to the same schools for generations Kate and William have chosen to do things differently. They chose to enroll Prince George in the Westacre Montessori school. It was a 20 minute trip from Kensington palace but it was the best fit for their son. Princess Charlotte found her best fit elsewhere at the Willcocks Nursery School in London. The royal couple akes their children's schooling very seriously even if it means a little extra driving.

Princess Charlotte Joins Her Brother

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte
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After Preschool little Princess Charlotte did something many children do. She moved schools to attend with her older brother Prince George. In most families, children attend the same school together. Prince William and Kate Middleton felt this was the easiest way to normalize life for their children. Now both children are attending Thomas’ Battersea together. Both children have fit in very well and are enjoying their school years side by side. Prince Louis is still very young. It remains to be seen where he'll attend school.

Day School Over Boarding School

The British Royal Family
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Kate Middleton and Prince William have made a bold move in their children's education. It's long been a tradition that members of the royal family attend boarding school. Prince William and his brother Harry attended Eaton as boys. William and Kate prefer a more pedestrian approach and elected to send their children to day school instead. This allows them to spend more time with their children each day when they come home in the afternoon. It's a gentler approach to parenting.

Mum Kate Raises Kids With Humility

Kate Middleton with Prince WIlliam and two eldest children
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One of the many traits that have the British public eating out of Kate Middleton's hand is her down to earth nature. She speaks so fondly of her own childhood and the family memories that made that time so special. Kate has said that although her children are royalty she wishes for them to grow up like she did, with humility and pride. The royal couple are holding off explaining the children's royal role to them until they're a bit older.

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