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Kate Beckinsale takes a selfie

Kate Beckinsale's Backyard Yoga Flexibility Blows Instagram's Mind

Kate Beckinsale/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Move over, Britney Spears, because Kate Beckinsale's in the house – well, technically outside it. The 46-year-old actress is known to be one of Hollywood's biggest rubber bands – a video (keep scrolling) of Kate lifting up her leg while getting her glam done earlier this year showed a mind-blowing level of flexibility.

Kate updated her Instagram on Saturday. While the star's first update of the weekend had appeared to give the novel coronavirus the middle finger, this update was all about embracing social distancing – with a fat load of wow factor.

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Kicks Off By Giving Coronavirus The Finger

Kate Beckinsale gives the middle finger
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate kicked the weekend off with the above photo. The "Underworld" actress hadn't mentioned COVID-19 by name, but it seemed clear that the virus now having claimed over 12,000 lives worldwide was behind the middle finger being thrown out – "Few days into quarantine and this b*tch is on my last nerve," Kate wrote.

Then came the yoga. The video (seen below) showed Kate outdoors and backed by an attractive, secluded-looking beam-wood house. Kate was on a mat, and boy was she delivering some moves.

330,000 Views In One Hour

Kate Beckinsale poses in a bikini
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

The video definitely came with a minimal wardrobe as Kate balanced her insanely fit body while wearing a teeny tiny white pair of shorts – some blue underwear flashing was prominent. Likewise skimpy was Kate's matching white sports bra – this appeared layered with a double effect as Kate wore two.

Kate stretched every which way possible, leaning on one leg, then delivering a warrior move, plus more core strength as she delicately raised her leg.

"How's everyone's zen going? Mine's got quite a lot of woofing in it," Kate wrote.

People Are Making 'Loin Cloth' Comments, She Replies

Kate Beckinsale and Jonathan Voluck in swimwear
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Replies came in fast for this video, likewise views. Shooting right to the top of the comments section was a remark over the tiny and barely-there skirt that afforded such a great view of the Brit's legs.

"I, too, wear a loin cloth whilst contorting in my patio," the fan wrote.

"Snort," Kate replied.

"And here’s me struggling to get out of bed in the morning," another said, clearly eyeing up Kate's killer abilities.

A popular comment did see a fan mention playing the video with sound – Kate's dog was heard in the background.

"Made the mistake of watching this with the sound on while my dog was sat next to me. Cup of tea everywhere," the fan wrote.

Thanks Garbage Man, Delivers Own Coronavirus Message

Kate Beckinsale boxes in shorts
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate made headlines earlier today after her middle finger post sparked a comment from an individual not fortunate enough to be able to stay home.

"I am a garbage man we have to work."

Kate personally replied: "Another hero. Thank you so much and please stay safe. Xs."

Meanwhile, the actress has delivered a separate message centering around COVID-19. The image showed a text exchange, with the caption proving she cares.

"In these horrid uncertain times with everyone trying to look after themselves, so many of my dearest English friends have independently of each other offered to help my mum. None of them live nearby and all of them are among the best and kindest people in the world with their own families and responsibilities and fears," Kate wrote, adding:

"Within all the terror is the absolute grace of kindness. Let’s all pass it on any way we can. It’s the light in the dark. I love you people xxx."

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