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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard

Jill Duggar: Did Sam's Birth Put Distance Beween Her And The Duggars

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By danyellmarshall

The Duggar family has a huge following of devoted fans who carefully watch their every move. It hasn't gone unnoticed that there has been some distance between Jill and the rest of the Duggars. Fans have some theories as to when the divide first formed. Many noticed that the family began to spend less time together shortly after Jill's second child Sam was born. This period was very stressful for Jill and her husband. What could have happened to drive the family apart?

Sam's Stressful Birth

Jill Duggar posing with her sisters to promote their book
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With baby Isreal, Jill labored at home for hours and struggled through a great deal of pain. Finally, her midwife made the call to transfer her to the hospital where she had an emergency c section. Despite conventional medical wisdom Jill tried to have a home birth again. Baby Samuel's birth was just as difficult and his brothers and once again Jill was rushed to a hospital for an emergency c-section. Sam then spent weeks in the NICU before he went home.

His Birth Special Never Aired

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As with most Duggar births, Jill's labor and delivery with sam was filmed by TLC. It's unclear why but the birth special filmed about Sam was never aired by the network. Jill and Derick have chosen to keep many of the details about Sam's birth private so it's unclear why the special never aired. It's possible that Jill and Derick simply asked for privacy surrounding the stressful birth and medical care of their newborn son. It remains largely a mystery.

Unpaid Medical Bills

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One of the many perks of the Duggar family's contract with TLC is that the medical expenses related to many of their televised births are covered for them. As Jill and Derick's birth with Sam was filmed they were expecting the medical expenses to be covered by TLC. Sam spent weeks in the NICU piling up expensive medical bills. Jill and Derick have spoken out that there are still a lot of uncovered medical expenses related to Sam's birth hanging over their heads.

Derick Accuses Jim Bob Of Hoarding Compensation

Derick Dillard
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Jill's husband Derick Dillard is no stranger to causing a stir online. He has been critical of his father in law Jim Bob Duggar before and even implied that the family patriarch is hoarding the money form his children's reality show Counting On and doling it out to his children at his own discretion. The accusation came when a Twitter user asked why Jim Bob collects the checks when the show is promoted under his daughters' names. Dillard directed the user to ask Jim Bob.

Family Absense

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There has been some noticeable distance between Jill and the rest of the Duggar clan. The divide began shortly after her husband Derick Dillard made some insensitive comments about Jazz Jennings on social media. It's not clear if anyone from the Duggar clan came to visit Jill and Sam in the hospital following his difficult birth. Jill's husband no longer appears in her family's reality show. Rumors have circulated as to whether Dillard quit the TLC show or he was fired.

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