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Beyoncé posing for a photo in a dazzling gown

The Upcoming Launch for Ivy Park x Adidas

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Angelic Conoscere

It is no surprise that Beyoncé dominates anything in her path, whether it be her music or a fashion taste. She continues to stun in every outfit she wears especially when when it is on the more glamorous side. By viewing her Instagram account you will completely understand that the Houston native is a fashion icon. Most recently, Beyoncé has stepped out of her music career bubble to conquer a new industry; the fashion industry. As expected fans were thrilled.

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The Collaboration

An advertisement for Ivy Park featuring Beyoncé
Gettyimages | Stuart C. Wilson

Beyoncé decided to do a collaboration with the major clothing company Adidas. The clothing line was highly anticipated by fans across the world and it was debuted in the beginning of 2020. What an amazing way to begin the new decade. It was no surprise that the clothing was practically sold out the moment it was available for purchase. Who would not have wanted to get their hands on tailored pieces created by Queen Bey herself. You know some of her dedicated Bey-hive gotten their hands on the merchandise.

The Next Release

Beyoncé at the premier for The Lion King
Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole

There had been many if not thousands of fans who were unable to purchase any of the clothing from the Ivy Park x Adidas collaboration. Myself included, those maroon pieces one of my top favorite! There is no doubt that those who were unlucky to get their orders placed were filled with everything but happiness waiting on news of a new release date. But finally there will be another opportunity for fans to shop for new clothing pieces from the line.

More Than Just One Launch

Beyoncé speaking on stage
Gettyimages | Earl Gibson III

It will be more exciting for all fans to hear that Bey is planning to have more than one launching coming for her clothing line with Adidas. The CEO of Adidas had spoken with CNN about what to expect in the near future for the clothing brand. The interview with CEO Kasper Rorsted took place on March 11th and gave insight on what the two parties have cooking up in the background. Rorsted stated that whether it be clothing or shoes launches will take place throughout the year.

More from Beyonce

Beyoncé in a holographic outfit on stage
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The CEO started that the iconic singer and the company will work together in order to bring "products that are attractive to consumers around the world." While the Adidas CEO gave little details about the actual items themselves Beyoncé may have gave us a few hints. She had spoke with Elle magazine and had revealed that she enjoys bold, gender-neutral looks as well as bright colors when it comes to designing Ivy Park merchandise. Fans across the globe will be waited patiently to get their hands on the news merchandise.

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