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Halle Berry Just Dropped Her 4-Step At-Home Facial Routine

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Brooklyn Denton

Halle Berry is the embodiment of ageless beauty. The 53-year-old has been a stunner since bursting onto the Hollywood scene in her breakthrough film role in 1992's Boomerang. Since then, Halle Berry's name has been one that is synonomous with beauty. Many of us have longed for the actress to spill the secrets behind her skincare routine, especially as she managed to enter each year with ageless grace.

Recently, Berry decided to use her downtime to do the Lord's work by gifting our timelines with the keys to the skincare kingdom.

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The John Wick 3 actress has a recurring segment on her personal Instagram page called #FitnessFriday. On it, she usually shares tips and tricks about how to be healthy and fit with the help of her long-time trainer and friend. This time, she decided to use social distancing as an opportunity to put us all on to something different. Instead of fitness, she wanted to show her followers a thing or two about maintaining their skin health with an at-home facial routine.

In the video clip she posted on Friday (March 20), Berry expressed her love for 'a good facial' and why it's a a staple in her daily skincare routine. "Hi everybody, welcome to Fitness Friday, special quarantine edition. I’m not going to talk about fitness and workouts today," she explained. "I love a good facial, and skincare has been a big part of my regime since I was 16. I do it twice a day religiously and never miss a day."

Berry kicks things off with a cleanser and uses Olga Lorencin Skin Care (formerly Kinara) Rehydrating Cleanser as her cleanser of choice. "Cleansing is really important, you have to do it morning and at a night. When you cleanse, you have to rub vigorously and rub in upward motions as that will serve you well in your later years."

Berry makes sure to use upwards movements with cleansing her face and uses a Phillips brush to help her "really get in there in the pores."

Berry follows cleansing with a really good exfoliator. The one she swears by is an inexpensive find by Ole Henriksen. She uses their Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub. "I really love this spa exfoliator…it’s very eucalyptus-y. It’s one of my favorites for a very long time," she explained in the video.

She loves the exfoliator because it really helps buff off the dead skin to help reveal a more even and flawless complexion. Similarly to her attention to detail in the cleansing stage, Berry also makes sure to pay attention to her neck, the often ignored part of the skin.

"Often times we forget that the neck is attached to our face, and needs to be cleaned," Berry shared.

Her third step in her at-home facial routine is a good mask. Berry keeps hers on for at least 15 minutes and switches it up depending on her mood and needs. Her choice that day was a hydrating mask by Skinceuticals, their Hydrating B5 Mask. "Today I’m using a super hydrating mask…It feels better and refreshing. I slap it on, literally."

For her fourth and final step, Ms. Berry seals the deal with a moisturizer, Olga Lorencin Skincare's Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum. "This is my favorite part…when you give your skin a nice drink. I like for my skin to drink a good dose of lactic acid, which sloths off the dead skin…you have to start with good skin."

In the video, she affectionately referred to it as "that good, good" and if her skin's an indicator, we know why.

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