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Meghan Markle holding on to Prince Harry's arm

Was an 'NDA' Signed By J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez So They Can Be Accompanied By Meghan Markle and Prince Harry?

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By Angelic Conoscere

It has been a few months since The Duke and Duchess of Sussex has announced their split from the royal family. It has been the topic of conversation for several weeks now as the time of senior royals will be officially coming to an end as of April 1st of 2020. Opinions have been voiced in favor of the couple splitting form the royal family suggesting that it needed to be done due to Meghan Markle being constantly under scrutiny. Some rather blame Markle for split from the royal family.

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Nothing New

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle holding hands
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Due to the severity of their decision to no longer be senior members of the royal government, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been constantly in the headlines. Much criticism and stories have came out about the two it is difficult to navigate the truth and hatred lies. Most recently, it has been claimed that the royal couple had went on a double date with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. It was also suggested that a NDA had to be signed by Lopez and Rodriguez prior to them spending time with the couple.

Much Attention

A happy Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Eyes have remained on the Sussex couple as fans and critics watch how they are transitioning into their new life. People want to see which direction Archie's parents go in, the peaceful calm life they have stated they desire to have or something much different. Unfortunately, there are many people that want to see the couple fail and live miserably once their separation is finalized. Very harsh and cruel but people have no shame in voicing their negative hopes for the couple.

Some Fans are Hopeful

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their son Archie
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Fans of the couple have wishful thinking for the Duke and Duchess. They want to see the family live a joyful life since they have been viewed so critically by the British media. They are both aware that even when they are no longer considered royals every single move that they make for themselves as a family and their future careers will closely watched. Therefore, they will have to move carefully and think intelligently to ensure that they are making the best choices for themselves.

The Double Date

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez at an event
Gettyimages | Steve Granitz

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has already found ways to support themselves as they become financially independent once they are not longer royal members. The couple were paid to speak at an event hosted by JP Morgan, the amount that had gotten paid was somewhere in between half a million to a million dollars. This is where the rumors of the "double date" they attended with Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez was recently a guest on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show and Fallon got straight to the point. While playing a Q&A with A-Rod he asked about the rumored double date, with a puzzled Alex looking unsure how to answer replied "I signed a NDA" followed by laughter. Many took that as a subtle yes to the double date. While fans and critics have wondered why a NDA was needed, it is suggested that the document was to be signed by all guests due to the royals participation that night rather than specifically Lopez and Rodriguez going on a double date with them.

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