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Jared's Vendetta Against Michaela Mounts New Highs In 'Manifest'

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By Lacretia Roberts

Fans have come to enjoy the NBC series, Manifest with it's powerful characters and intriguing story line. The passengers aboard flight 828 have been forever changed by whatever force they encountered.

The force or energy has given the passengers a powerful bond and connection to one another which gives them an undeniable sense of familiarity with each passenger.

We have learned from Saanvi, that a genetic anomaly is responsible in part for the experience of the callings but we also know very little beyond that.

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With the "inhuman abilities" the passengers are capable of, others, particularly the Xers are terrified of the vast amount of unknowns they present.

As a result, an underground uprising of Xers is expanding rapidly and also working to stay close to Ben and his family.

In search of work Ben has turned to an ex who is able to integrate him into a teaching position at her University.

Now Ben is a professor, unwittingly rubbing elbows with an enemy he is completely unaware of; the leader of the Xers, Simon White.

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Ever since Michaela's return after flight 828, we've experienced her and Jared's relationship roller coaster which has thrown the pair for quite a few loops.

Originally the day Michaela was preparing to board flight 828, she was uncertain about her future with Jared despite the fact that he wanted to marry her and her family is in full support of the wedding.

Something seems to be holding Michaela back though and she can't quite put her finger on what is causing the hesitation.

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When Michaela returns to find Jared after flight 828, she finds that he is not only sleeping with, but married to her best friend.

The whole situation is awkward and tense, because for Michaela, it has only been a few days since she last saw Jared and at the time, their own wedding was on the horizon. Seeing Jared not just married but to her closest friend; complicates things immediately with doubt and unanswered questions.

While Michaela is trying to be understanding her emotions are still hard to suppress.

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Of course we learn that Jared still has feelings for Michaela and he is willing to "blow up his marriage" to explore them.

The problem is, once Michaela begins to experience the callings, everything changes for her. She understands that her destiny extends beyond just being a simple detective, but she instead serves a higher purpose that links to an overall connection to the other passengers.

Jared just can't understand something that isn't tangible to him and ultimately he gets resentful and jealous, especially when Zeke enters the picture.

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Zeke has a connection with Michaela that can't be explained well to an outsider that doesn't get the callings, so Jared can't empathize when he is being left out of the loop as her bond grows with him.

He wants to go back to a way of being that simply just can't exist any longer and it has fueled him to blame Michaela for all his pain and regret.

In season 2, he has revealed he is working with Dr. Simon White and the Xers because Michaela caused him to destroy his life and happiness.

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Wow! The revelation is mind bending as clearly Jared's allegiance has shifted significantly as well as his values because he interferes with Michaela's investigation by giving the Xers a heads up that a task force is coming for them.

Fans are sad to see what we thought was such a good man, turning to the dark side, because of heart break, however it does play up to his character development.

Luckily, the instinct driven detective that she is, Michaela is already suspicious that Jared is in deep on the wrong side. Fans can only hope that in future seasons or sooner, he will have a change of heart.

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