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Ty Burrell Launches a Relief Program For Food and Beverage Workers Laid Off Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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By Zachary Holt

With the coronavirus pandemic shutting down businesses all around the world, workers are being left without an income. And while, yes, the government is working on measures that would mail out checks to people to assist with their unemployment and the ability provide for their families, laid-off employees will still be reeling until that resolution is official.

It could take weeks or months before government stimulus checks are in the hands of the American people. As a result, Ty Burrell, one of the former stars of 'Modern Family', is hoping to assist people in the meantime by launching a relief program.

Burrell Announces He's Making a $100,000 Donation to Initiative

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Burrell has teamed up with the city of Salt Lake City, Utah and the Downtown Alliance to create a relief program to assist food and beverage workers who have been laid off due to the coronavirus and the massive business shutdown that has ensued.

The television star, who is a part-time owner of Bar X and Beer Bar in Salt Lake City, along with this wife, has partnered with the mayor, Erin Mendenhall, and the Downtown Alliance to launch the 'Tip Your Server' program. To get the initiative off the ground, Burrell made a $100,000 donation.

'We're Hoping That During This Time, This Effort Can Provide a Small Bit of Relief...'

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The program aims to provide those in the food and beverage industry who have been laid-off with grants of $2,000. Those who lost their job amid the coronavirus pandemic closing are eligible, as are those affected by the recent earthquake. The initiative will begin to accept applications on March 25 and funds will be dispersed soon thereafter.

"We’re hopeful that during this time, when so many restaurant and bar employees are facing uncertainty, that this effort can provide a small bit of relief," Burrell said in a statement. "Salt Lake City is a truly special place and our heart is with you."

Mayor Mendenhall Hopes to Help Employees 'Make Ends Meet'

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"I know the workers in the restaurant and bar industry are hurting right now and we’re working to help," Mayor Mendenhall shared in her statement. "Our hope is that this grant program will help food and beverage industry employees make ends meet while businesses are forced to make these incredibly difficult decisions."

Downtown Alliance President and CEO Derek Miller was especially appreciative of Burrell's donation. "We are moved by Ty Burrell’s generosity and know that there are many others who want to pledge support for our food and beverage worker friends," Miller said in his own statement.

Downtown Alliance President Encourages People to Order Take-Out

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While this program will certainly help some of the individuals who have been left without a job during this crisis, it won't do much for the restaurants and business owners who are left with no income or the means to keep their establishments running, even after all this is said and done.

To help in preventing businesses and restaurants from closing down for good, Miller encouraged people to order take out food from establishments in order to provide some sort of revenue during this difficult and trying time. "Additionally, I would like to challenge everyone to join me in taking the ‘pick up pledge’ and pick up three meals this week from your favorite local restaurants," Miller concluded.

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