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Kate Beckinsale giving the finger

Kate Beckinsale Giving Coronavirus The Middle Finger Is Everything, Garbage Man Reply Lifts Hearts

Kate Beckinsale/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kate Beckinsale hit the nail on the head this weekend. The 46-year-old actress didn't mention the novel coronavirus by name in her Instagram update, but the middle finger photos of the "Underworld" actress did come with a mention of being in quarantine – COVID-19 has now topped 11,000 deaths worldwide, with the virus now confirmed in all 50 U.S. states.

Kate's update showcased her trademark razor-sharp sense of humor, although the comments section proved touching as the star personally replied to an individual who isn't able to stay home – garbage collectors are still exposed.

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Yup, Basically Sums It Up

Kate Beckinsale giving the finger
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate's opening photo showed her in front of a mirror and throwing out the world's biggest WTF face. The actress was looking confused, horrified, exasperated, and positively fed up as she threw out the middle finger while rocking an off-the-shoulder sweater.

A caption from Kate confirmed that she was social distancing.

"Few days into quarantine and this b*tch is on my last nerve," she wrote.

A quick swipe to the right then showed Kate delivering slightly more attitude, once again giving the finger.

Garbage Man Leaves Note, She Replies

Kate Beckinsale giving the finger
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate's update proved a hit overall, racking up over 158,000 likes in seven hours, but the comments section was really where the action happened.

A reply quickly gaining likes appeared to challenge the actress' cushy ability to stay home – "Wonder Woman" actress Gal Gadot has faced similar criticism as her closet selfie saw fans state that not everyone has the luxury of staying home.

"I am a garbage man we have to work," the fan wrote.

Over 690 users liked the comment.

Kate personally replied: "Another hero. Thank you so much and please stay safe. Xs," she wrote.

'I Drive for UPS. I Have No Chances For Quarantine' Gets A Reply

Kate Beckinsale with Jonathan Voluck in swimwear
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

You've got to give it to Kate. For all the celebrities who offer zero interaction on their social media, this star steps up to the plate.

Another reply came in, also gaining likes from over 400 users.

"I drive for UPS. I have no chances of quarantine. Pray for my soul please," the fan wrote.

"We will," Kate replied, adding: "Absolute heroism hope you're ok out there."

One fan mentioned that they were watching all of Kate's "Underworld" movies to "get through this trying time."

Kate's Coronavirus Message

Kate Beckinsale poses in a bikini
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate has marked coronavirus in a more serious way. A recent Instagram post showing a text exchange came captioned with thoughtful words.

"In these horrid uncertain times with everyone trying to look after themselves, so many of my dearest English friends have independently of each other offered to help my mum. None of them live nearby and all of them are among the best and kindest people in the world with their own families and responsibilities and fears," Kate wrote.

"Within all the terror is the absolute grace of kindness. Let’s all pass it on any way we can. It’s the light in the dark. I love you people xxx," she added.

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