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Katie Holmes Dishes on Aging and What's 'Upsetting' About Being in Her 40s

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By Zachary Holt

Actress Katie Holmes has been a fixture in the entertainment industry since she had just graduated from high school. The 'Dawson's Creek' alum has a new film set to come out next month and she's even directing her second movie, Rare Objects, soon. But while the actress has kept busy throughout her career, her main goal in life is to raise her daughter, Suri, 13, who she shared with ex-husband, Tom Cruise. Recently, the star had a chance to speak about her career, thus far, and what she's not too fond of when it comes to aging.

Holmes Reflects on the Differences of Working in the Industry, Then vs Now

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In the interview with In Style Magazine, Holmes reflected on her career that seemingly skyrocketed when she was at a very young age. "When I started, it was about being very mysterious. You were known through your work," she said.

"There was much less attention in the ’90s than there is now, and as a young actress, you just want to get the job. You want to be liked. You want a good take and think, 'Was I good enough?'" But now that she's matured and honed her craft, the actress has a different perspective on work.

The Actress Explains She's Developed More Confidence From Aging

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"Over time there’s a transition. I have my own confidence now," she continued during the interview. "I’m not looking for somebody else to say, 'Good job.' It’s more, 'What are we going for?' It’s more collaborative." Homles credits getting older as what has made her more confident in acting.

The actress, who just turned 41, explained that she's able to make better decisions for her career after having experienced countless projects.

"People say you don’t really know yourself until you’re 40. I’m 41. I have seen things," Holmes said. "I have experienced things. I know what I’m talking about, and I know that my feelings and my insights are worthy. I’m going to listen to myself instead of deferring to someone else. That’s a big step as a human. It takes time."

Holmes Reveals Her 'Old Tricks' Don't Work Anymore, Now That She's 41

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Later in the interview, Holmes revealed what she finds more difficult in the industry as someone who's in their 40s, as opposed to, when she was younger. "I told a friend of mine, 'You know what’s so upsetting about the 40s? My old tricks don’t work,'" the actress jokingly said. "I have older siblings; I’m the baby of five. So I was always the cute one, and you get used to being the little cute one. Then you wake up one day…"

While Holmes is still certainly young by many standards, she believes to preserve her youthful appearance, she needs to adjust her skincare routine, which involves a lot of 'lotion'.

'It Kind of Hits You. It's Very Odd. I Used to Get Away with No Makeup...'

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"I’m basically always putting lotion on," Holmes revealed to In Style. "I do all that Barbara Sturm stuff: hyaluronic, face brightening, face cream, skin cream. It’s so vain. But that happens."

"It kind of hits you. It’s very odd. I used to get away with no makeup. When I was a teenager and a young actress, it was about being sort of grungy. Now I’m like, 'Oh god, I have to do stuff!' It sounds so superficial," Holmes concluded. Even with Holmes being in her 40s, she'll still always be the cute girl from 'Dawson's Creek', no matter what. That's just our opinion, though.

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