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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin holding each other

Justin Bieber Calls His Marriage to Hailey Baldwin an 'Arranged Marriage'

Gettyimages | LISA O'CONNOR
By Brooklyn Denton

Justin Bieber surprised everyone when he married his model wife/long-time friend Hailey Baldwin. Sure, friendship is the foundation for any fruitful relationship but fans and admirers of Bieber were stunned at the fact that the troubled star decided to get married so young.

Although critics of the relationship doubted the two would last, Baldwin and Bieber have overcome all odds and have managed to have a lasting marriage. The pair are still very much in their newlywed stage but they are also a testament to the enduring nature of love when you're committed to the process.

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In the immortal words of Aaliyah, "Age ain't nothin' but a number." Bieber has been very forthcoming about details surrounding their marriage, particularly the rocky road they've traveled along to get to bliss. Over the years, Bieber has had his share of problems, but marrying Baldwin wasn't one of them. The pop star recently sat down with singer Demi Lovato just what he thinks about his marriage to Baldwin and why he refers to their union as an "arranged marriage".

Bieber and Baldwin's history actually goes way back when the two were teenagers. At the time, Bieber hadn't popped in the United States yet. He wasn't quite the "Baby" pop star with the signature bowl haircut and the high-pitched voice we all knew and loved but he was on his way. The year was 2009 and Bieber was doing a fan event for the Today show.

Baldwin's father, Stephen Baldwin, took her to the event to meet Bieber. Baldwin admitted that she wasn't exactly a fan of the singer just yet, but she agreed to meet him backstage.

In a recent interview, Baldwin explained that her and Bieber didn't see sparks fly when they first met but it became the catalyst to their connection. In fact, afterwards, their families went out together to hang out.

Fast forward to years later in 2014, Bieber and Baldwin's friendship deepened even further. They even went to church together. Around that time, the first rumors about them being a couple began to spread. However, the two were just friends at the time.

By 2016, they confirmed they were offiically an item. However, the relationship was short-lived because they called it quits by summer 2016 with some speculating it was because of Selena Gomez since Bieber got back together. Years later, in spring 2018, Bieber reunited with Baldwin. Months later, in July 2018, Bieber proposed to Baldwin.

Two months later, they married in an intimate ceremony in a courthouse wedding. A year after that, they married a second time around in a more lavish ceremony surrounded by friends and family.

Baldwin and Bieber have been married for two years now and seem like they couldn't be happier. Between red carpet appearances, glimpses of their intimate moments on social media, and dancing their hearts out on TikTok while self-quarantining, the pair seem like they're enjoying their honeymoon phase.

During a recent stop by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Bieber spoke candidly with guest host Demi Lovato about Baldwin. He discussed how they met in 2009 and joked about their eventual marriage being "arranged".

"I think because she was raised Christian, I think it was an arranged marriage, I’m pretty sure," he said.

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