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Why Snooki Wont Be Returning To 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation'

By kenadijiba

Is “Jersey Shore” even a television show without Snooki? If you lived during that era of MTV then you would realize the significance of Snooki, and her poof. “Jersey Shore” honestly was a movement. “Gym, Tan, Laundry”, and “Yeah Buddy” became common phrases spoken in everyday American vernacular. Not to mention Mike “The Situation” and all the drama he brought to the forefront every other season. So, ultimately knowing Snooki won't be there is soul crushing. The gang should stay together.

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Surprising News

Unsplash | Matthew Guay

This surprising news came after a joint interview with the star and her equally popular castmates. Deena and Jenni appeared to be saddened by Snooki revealing this, but not really convinced. The air of the conversation was that of, she quits every other day so don't take this proclamation too seriously. Plus is Snooki stacked enough in terms of her financial status? Fans have speculated time and again that the crew keeps coming back together for reboots solely because they need the cash.

Iconic Moments


Think about it, once you’ve gotten belligerently drunk on the New Jersey boardwalk, and publically arrested for that, what other profession can you tap into? Sure you're iconic in the pop culture world, but no respectable employer is going to hire you. These are just the harsh facts of the world. Since this is Snooki’s presumed reality, then how else is she bound to make her money from now until forever. Reality television is sadly her end all, be all.

Angelina's Wedding

Gettyimages | Jason LaVeris

There have also been speculations surrounding why Snooki has decided to leave the show. Most fans believe it's because she is trying to bite the bullet and avoid the eventual hate she's bound to receive based on how she conducted herself at Angelina’s wedding. Her mean girl persona is something she doesn't enjoy, so knowing that people are going to probably shade the absolute hell out of her for how callous she acted probably has Snooki quaking in her boots.

Her Husband's POV

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

Her longtime husband who she romantically met whilst filming the show, Jianni, is another reason devout viewers believe she's finally closing the curtain. From the start Jianni never has been one to live for the camera. But, understanding that this is how he and his wife ultimately bring the bread home, it has been evident that they might have had to keep the ball rolling. Now, Jianni has reached his tolerance level and is over having his entire family being on television.

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