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Meghan Markle in a blue dress with Prince Harry. The couple smile at each other under an umbrella in the rain

Meghan Markle: Fashion Rebel

Gettyimages | Samir Hussein
By danyellmarshall

Royal fashion rules are nothing to scoff at. Not only do the British tabloids take them very seriously but fans of the royal family everywhere have this secret list of dos and don'ts memorized. Meghan Markle has been a style icon since long before she met Prince Harry. Her signature style brought an edgy and youthful element to royal fashion during her days at the palace. Meghan broke the rules but always remained tasteful and never looked out of place.

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Messy Bun

Meghan Markle with her hair in a messy bun
Gettyimages | WPA Pool

One of the many looks that Meghan became known for was her iconic messy bun. Royal women are expected to have perfectly smooth hair at all times. It's a staple of royal fashion. Meghan's look was so approachable it inspired women around the world to copy it. The messy bun is nothing new. It's been a staple of hair fashion for centuries. Meghan simply elevated it to new heights. She made it a look fit for a duchess or process.

Lip Gloss

Meghan Markle smiling
Gettyimages | WPA Pool

There are a lot of rules about what royal women are allowed to wear on their lips. Royal women are to avoid lip gloss so that their hair cannot stick to their lips. This is one of the most practical of all royal fashion rules. Lip gloss has a nasty habit of catching stray hair in the breeze. That's not an appropriate look for a royalty on an official tour. Meghan has sported a glossy look several times in spite of this protocol.


Meghan Markle in a green dress smiling
Gettyimages | Max Mumby/Indigo

Royal women are expected to keep their makeup looks simple and fresh-faced. It's better to err on the side of caution and achieve a natural look than to be too heavy-handed. Meghan has shown up to many events in breathtaking looks that included perfectly bronzed cheeks. While her makeup is always tasteful Meghan has been known to play up her gorgeous cheeks with a bronzed look. Her style is a breath of fresh air that evokes memories of her late mother in law.

Smokey Eyes

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in a carriage on their wedding day
Gettyimages | AARON CHOWN

Part of Meghan's signature style is her perfect smokey eye. Royal women are expected to keep their eye looks light and natural. Meghan even sported her smokey eye on her wedding day, an occasion on which royals are expected to look as fresh-faced as possible. This is another area where Meghan channels Princess Diana who loved to play up her gorgeous eyes with bold looks and intense mascara. Meghan's smokey eye may break from tradition but it suits her beautifully.

Dark Manicures

Dark fingernail polish
Unsplash | Gift Habeshaw

Royal nails are a serious matter. The royal family shakes hands with and waves at their public at every event. ROyal nails are expected to be short, neat, clean and polished with only neutral colors such as clear pinks. Meghan has been known to rock a dark nail. Her sister in law Kate Middleton has been known to ignore royal protocol when it comes to her nail polish choices as well. Kae is very frequently seen wearing bright red polish on her toes.

Dark Lip Color

Meghan Markle smiling at Prince Harry under an umbrella in the rain
Gettyimages | Samir Hussein

Lip colors for the royal family are meant to be nude or neutral at all times. Meghan has bent these rules plenty of times with berry hues and bright reds. Her stunning looks may not be within royal guidelines but Meghan always looks stunning at every event. Kate Middleton has also been spotted in a daring lip on a rare occasion. Princess Diana was always willing to break free from royal traditions in order to explore her iconic beauty style.

Bright Eyeshadow

Meghan Markle at a USO event
Wikimedia |

Royal women are expected to wear eye shadow within a narrow range of natural and neutral colors. Colors like green and blue would be wildly outside of royal expectations. That never stopped Meghan. She's been known to rock a bright blue eye look from time to time. Princess Diana was also famous for breaking the rules when it came to eye makeup. The princess was known to wear blue eyeliner for a time as well as thick mascara. She too loved to play up her eyes.

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