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Carrie Underwood Shows Life Off-Stage As A ‘Normal’ Mom

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By Jimmy Ha

The world has been on lockdown amid the coronavirus, but some celebrities have been taking the time out of their bored days to give fans a bit of comic relief during this tense time. On March 19 Carrie Underwood took her Instagram Story to post a video clip of her vacuuming along with her 1-year-old, Jacob, holding on the grammy award-winning singer cleaned the floor.

"This is how we vacuum, I have a little helper who loves to vacuum!" the singer said. He then complained light-heartedly to her son, "Can't mommy do some chores?"

Underwood captioned the video post fittingly by writing, "Mommy's little...helper?"

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Jacob made an appearance on Underwood’s Instagram Story earlier this week when the singer was doing some baking in the house. She shared a post of her son sitting in front of the oven waiting for muffins to be fully baked inside.

"Hurry up muffins!!!" Underwood wrote as a caption.

Underwood has also been showing that she’s been exercising during this global quarantine phase. She wrote in another post, “Either we can all sit around during this quarantine and eat junk food and binge watch Netflix...or...we can grab some weights and come out of this mess stronger than ever!"


Underwood recently told PEOPLE, ”I’m a health nerd. It’s a passion. I don’t pamper myself often — and maybe I should be a little better at that — but working out to me is that. It helps me balance. Some days I have to make myself, but I always feel better afterward.”

She continued to mention that although she is a global pop icon, her real family is filled with ‘normal people’:

"We’re just really normal people and I’m so thankful that we are," she said. "I feel like if I were the person that I am on stage when I’m at home, I just don’t know if that person would like have too many friends. I enjoy getting to play that role, but you can’t be that big of a personality all the time. Well I guess you can, but it’s gotta be exhausting."

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Underwood also made sure to add that she and her husband, Mike Fisher, try their best to wake up before their kids to have some peace and quiet to write in her journal before having family breakfast. "I have a calendar-journal that I look at for the day and week ahead. It’s nice to see it laid out in front of me," she said.

"I do a lot of laundry. Isaiah just thinks my job is doing laundry," the singer said. "How one little person has so much laundry I don’t know."

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Meanwhile, Underwood also has an old song with Brad Paisley that has resurfaced since the two sang it back in 2014. During the CMA that year, the pair wrote and performed a song called "Quarantine" that was a spoof Dolly Parton's "Jolene”.

Song was originally referencing the Ebola virus, but can also be relatable today during the coronavirus pandemic. The performance cause quite a laugh at the awards over 5 years ago, and helps to bring a little comic relief today as the world seeks to see brighter days.

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