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Actor Daniel Dae Kim Reveals That He Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Gettyimages | Mat Hayward
By Jimmy Ha

Former Hawaii Five-0 and LOST actor Daniel Dae Kim is yet another celebrity that has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Kim took to his Instagram to address his fans while at his home in Hawaii. The actor mentioned that he was didn’t have any noticeable symptoms until he was on a flight back home. He said that he noticed that his throat began to get a little itchy and elaborates what he was feeling and said that it was, “unlike how I usually get sick.”

His spoke with his doctor who told him to monitor his symptoms and he quickly quarantined himself in a room away from his family. However, he began to experience stronger symptoms later that night as he developed tightness in his chest, body aches and fever, and it eventually led his physician to urge him to get tested. The next day the actor got tested at a drive-thru COVID-19 clinic in Hawaii.

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Gettyimages | Mat Hayward

“It was worth it because of what I found out,” Kim said. He then mentioned that he was prescribed medicine by doctors and went straight home to recover. He has since been feeling better, but is not feeling 100 percent as of yet.

He used his experience to urge the public to be compliant in following social distancing. The actor hopes that his message can reach his followers and stressed that the younger generation does not take this situation lightly as many have been reported to be gathering even after the recent government mandates to stay home.

Gettyimages | Rich Polk

“A lot of younger people can carry the virus without having any symptoms whatsoever. That was not me. I was sick. I still am, but thankfully for me it wasn’t a matter of life and death,” he said. He also mentioned that his family has all tested negative.

Kim continued, “For all those out there, especially teenagers and millennials who think this is not serious, please know that it is. And if you treat this without care you are potentially endangering the lives of millions of people, including your loved ones. For the sake of everyone else, please follow the guidelines: socially distance, self-isolate, stop touching your face and of course, wash your hands.”

Gettyimages | Bruce Glikas

The actor added that he apologizes to anyone he may have exposed to the virus, including the cast and crew of the TV series, New Amsterdam which he was filming recently.

“I feel terrible thinking that I could’ve given this to anyone, let alone people I value enough to spend time with,” he said.

Kim also mentioned that he believes health care should be for all who have been infected with the coronavirus. He adds, “The virus doesn’t care about race or gender, religion, sexual orientation, whether you’re rich or poor or your immigration status. Only we seem to care about that.”

Gettyimages | Hannes Magerstaedt

He thanked the front-line workers (especially in the medical field) saying, “You’re often taken for granted, but not now. Now you’re the glue that is keeping us together.”

He also addressed the recent issue of “prejudice and senseless violence against Asian people.

“Randomly beating elderly, sometimes homeless Asian Americans is cowardly, heartbreaking and it’s inexcusable. Yes, I’m Asian and yes, I have coronavirus, but I did not get it from China,” he said. “I got it in America, in New York City. I don’t consider the place where it’s from as important as the people who are sick and dying.”

He continued, “I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life. I’m grateful to be alive and healthy. It gives me hope that through our collective efforts we can beat this thing and flatten the curve,” Kim said. “In the meantime, please be safe, please be healthy and please be kind to one another and stop hoarding the toilet paper. Seriously, how dirty are you down there?”

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