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Kelly Lipa and husband

Kelly Ripa & Husband Await Empty Nest, Donate 1 Million To Virus Relief Efforts

Gettyimages | Craig Barritt
By Jacob Highley

Kelly Lipa and her husband Mark Consuelos have been in the headlines over the past few days after appearing on talk shows, posting their experience getting botox, and after donating 1 million dollars to help combat the Coronavirus.

Kelly has also come out saying that they are eagerly looking forward to having the house completely to themselves. My favorite quote was when Kelly said: "We're going to be totally naked".

She disclosed that she and her husband have had awkward moments when their kids walked in while they were... ya know.

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Kelly And Mark Doing What They Can

kelly ripa
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I have very little sympathy for celebrities who say they are there for you but are nothing but talk. I'm impressed with Kelly and Mark's charitable attitude during these trying times.

Kelly made some jocular comments on Instagram about the Coronavirus during a medical Botox treatment which made headlines. Needless to say, quite a few people were offended.

I would have featured a link to the posts, but they seem to have been taken down from her social media profiles online.

A Loving Family

Gettyimages | George

It is during times like these that we realize just how meaningful family truly is to us. I love seeing Kelly posting old photos of their family, and then seeing her kids comment lovingly on them.

So many people I meet aren't in a calm or collective state, they are downright panicking. I think fear can be useful in a crisis, but only if it leads you to prepare and take action.

Kelly and Mark could have panicked and done nothing to help others, but instead, they spent 1 million to help people.

Kelly And Mark Proud Of Their Daughter Lola

daughter kissing mother
Gettyimages | Oliver Rossi

Lola has been featured a few times on her mom's social media and debuted her singing voice a few months back. She is a big part of their family and they love her very much.

in light of what's going on in the world, Kelly says she loves her kids and hopes they stay safe.

I think it is really sweet that after so many reayes, they are still a loving family. I know quite a few celebrities who could take a lesson from them.

He're's Hoping For The Best

kelly ripa and husband
Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

I have been reading story after story of celebrities, officials, and influencers all freaked out by the Coronavirus. It is this writer's personal opinion that preparations are not optional, they are mandatory.

People should treat others with respect and do what they can, no matter how small the contribution. I hope we see more family's and celebrities follow the example set by Kelly and Mark.

As time goes on, it will be the love and hope we share with each other that pulls us through.

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