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Carrie Underwood Takes Down Pictures Of Kids Amidst Self-Quarantine

Gettyimages | Erika Goldring
By Jacob Highley

Strangely, Carrie Underwood has recently taken down pictures and stories which featured her kids doing adorable things while the family remains in self-quarantine.

In fact, a large portion of posts were removed from Carrie's Instagram account, which included ones about the Coronavirus. The latest posts are from a week back despite articles being recently being released showing that she did, in fact, publish posts with her family in them.

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Carrie Concerned For Her Children's Safety?

Unsplash | Caleb Woods

Carrie was quoted saying that she is staying home and taking care of her family while in self-quarantine. When I went to find those posts, they are nowhere to be found. And as I mentioned before, the latest activity on her Instagram is from over a week ago.

What could be going on? It is possible Carrie just decided to take them down for less concerning reasons, but it seems like a large of content was deleted from her social media very quickly.

Carrie's Excercise Program Helping People During Quarantine

woman working out
Unsplash | Alora Griffiths

As it turns out, many people have been using Carrie's work out program "Fit52" while staying home. Carrie has posted some funny posts about her husband doing the program and getting whooped by it.

There has been some controversy over whether staying home is the most practical solution to combat this virus, so maybe that's a reason she could've deleted her most recent quarantine activity?

I thought about it, and I have a theory. I think she doesn't want to get political.

Carrie Deletes Posts About Staying In Shape During Crisis

woman holding phone
Unsplash | Georgia de Lotz

Carrie was quoted for saying: "Either we can all sit around during this quarantine and eat junk food and binge watch Netflix...or...we can grab some weights and come out of this mess stronger than ever!"

Yet I can't find this post of hers anywhere.

My guess is because it would rub people the wrong way and seem insensitive. I really can't see any other reason why over a week's social media content would vanish from her Instagram.

Plus, she has recently received major publicity lately.

Carrie's Book, Fitness App, And Music Are Trending!

carrie underwood
Wikimedia |

I covered Carrie's recent publicity and activities a while back, and she's only gone up from there. Her appearances on the Late Night Show With Jimmy Fallon, meeting artists like Post Malone and being featured on Magazines have been doing wonders for her public image.

I think most are unaware that Carrie is more than a singer, which explains why so many people follow her strictly for her music.

While it is a shame she has removed some adorable pictures from her Instagram, maybe she's making the best choice taking them down?

I mean, look at how the internet responded to Gal Gadot's attempt at making people feel better.

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