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Vanessa Bryant giving eulogies for her husband and daughter Kobe & Gigi Bryant

Vanessa Bryant Keeps Honoring Her Husband Kobe and Daughter Gigi

Gettyimages | FREDERIC J. BROWN
By Angelic Conoscere

There is no doubt the Vanessa Bryant will continue to honor her husband Kobe Bryant and her daughter Gigi Bryant for the remainder of her life. The fatal helicopter crash on January 26th that took the lives of Kobe and Gigi along with 7 others had shook the whole world. It was devastating to learn the news and it was almost automatic to shift your thoughts to Kobe's family whom lives were forever changed after this tragic day. Having strength will be something that the Bryant family will always need.

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A Tribute

Kobe with his daughter Gigi during All-Star weekend
Gettyimages | Elsa

Fans were and still are beyond hurt to lose a legend in basketball but all-around great individual and father. It did not take long for fans to honor Kobe in their own way. Images of Kobe or his identifying basketball jersey numbers being tattooed on his fans started to pop up throughout social media almost immediately following his passing. Kobe was only 41 at the time of his passing with his daughter being a young age of 13. The hurtful details left the whole world in disbelief.

Vanessa Shares

A tattoo of a smiling Kobe and Gigi on a fans back
Gettyimages | Mario Tama

Murals have been painted and jerseys have been hung up to honor and pay respect to Kobe and Gigi Bryant. But one fans tattoo had caught the attention of Vanessa Bryant that she had to share via Instagram, captioning the image "a beautiful tribute". The tattoo is a colorful art piece that covers the fans forearm with Kobe and Gigi smiling next to each other. In the lower wrist area shows their respected jerseys displayed on two chairs. The tattoo was extremely well detailed.

An Amazed Vanessa

Kobe sitting smiling with his daughter Gigi laughing right next to him
Gettyimages | Paul Bereswill

Vanessa Bryant continued her caption by thanking the fan for getting the tattoo that honors both her husband and their 13 year old daughter. She stated that "Kobe would never want to outshine our baby girl." so the fact that the fan had chose to use a beautiful image of the father and daughter for their tattoo piece had made an amazing impression on the grieving widow and mother. The tattoo artist is Steve Butcher who is located in the Southern part of California.

Continuing to Mourn

Kobe holding his two older daughters
Gettyimages | Lisa Blumenfeld

Vanessa Bryant has her three daughters Natalia 17, Bianka 3 and the couple's youngest daughter Capri 9 months to keep her going as she continues to mourn the lose of Gigi and Kobe. She has been active on her Instagram displaying an earlier tribute of the father and daughter that her sister-in-law Sharia Washington had gotten. Kobe's sister got a tattoo of a black mamba making the infinity symbol with their jersey numbers 2 and 24 on the inside the symbol located on her left shoulder.

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