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Lala Kent poses on The Hills red carpet

Lala Kent Responds to 50 Cent's Shady Comment About Her Wedding

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman
By Natalie Hunter

50 Cent may be intent on reigniting the feud with Randall Emmett and Lala Kent, but Lala has no interest in going there. With the cornavirus outbreak Randall and Lala had to cancel their April 18th wedding and postpone it due to the coronavirus. While 50 Cent attempted to instigate the 'Vanderpump Rules' star, she is too busy rearranging the details of her wedding to give him the time of day. The initial feud started when 50 Cent claimed Randall owed him $1 million.

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50 Cent made an Instagram post with a picture of the headline announcing the wedding cancellation and wrote, "Wasn’t nobody going to this s–t anyway,” in the captions.

"She’s [Lala] not paying any attention to what 50, or anybody else, has to say about her and Randall postponing their wedding,” a source close to the couple told HollywoodLife. “Her only focus right now is on doing what’s in the best interest for the safety and health of their family, and for their guests.”

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“Right now they have to do what’s right and that is to postpone things for the time being,” the source admitted. “Lala knows that everything happens for a reason. They will tie the knot when the time is right.”

As far as 50 Cent goes, the source knows that he will never be able to be on good terms with the couple.

"He’s going to continue to drag Randall and Lala over and over again because he loves getting under their skin,” the insider said, “he knows it will bother them.”

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The couple announced that they'd be postponing the wedding to People due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“We have decided to move the date of our wedding to July given the unfortunate circumstances of what is going on,” Lala and Randall told the outlet on Wednesday. “We are obviously saddened by this but for the ultimate safety of our families and guests, we have made the decision to wait and see how everything progresses. Safety will always be our number one priority.”

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Looks like not much has changed. 50 Cent is still trolling as much as he did during the feud.

“50 thinks it’s hilarious to troll people and the positive feedback he’s received from fans is motivation and incentive enough for him to not want to stop anytime soon,” a source close to Lala told HollywoodLife at the time. “50 understands that if he can dish it out, he should be able to take it but he also knows that he’ll come back at somebody harder than anything they could ever throw at him.”

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